The placenta creates at the exact same time as your baby and also is attached to the lining of your uterus (womb) during pregnancy. It allows for oxygen and nutrients to happen from girlfriend to your baby as well as producing hormone that assistance your pregnancy.

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The fertilised ovum (egg) implants into the lining of her uterus and also the placenta grows from there. Together your pregnant progresses and your baby and placenta boost in size, your womb expands and this affects the placenta"s position. The area where the placenta is commonly attached follow me upwards, moving the placenta far from her cervix.

If the placenta remains low in your womb, close to to or spanning your cervix, it might block the baby"s way out. This is dubbed "low-lying placenta" or "placenta praevia".

The place of your placenta will certainly be taped at her 18-22 week ultrasound scan. If her placenta is substantially low, you"ll be offered an extra ultrasound scan later in your pregnant (usually at around 32 weeks) to inspect its position again. For most women, the placenta will have actually moved right into the upper component of the womb through this stage.

What causes placenta praevia?

There is no evident cause for placenta praevia. It might be the there is a larger placenta area (such as, if you are having actually twins) or there could be scar znjke.comanization from a vault caesarean or curette. There are several determinants that deserve to increase your threat of placenta praevia, including having had actually a caesarean ar in the previous (especially if your last infant was born by caesarean), and also older age in the mother.

There is nothing you have the right to do to prevent placenta praevia.


Placenta praevia symptoms

Signs the the placenta could be low-lying incorporate painless, shining red bleeding indigenous the vagina (either spontaneously or ~ sex) any kind of time ~ 20 weeks of pregnancy. Placenta praevia is the most common cause of painless bleeding in the critical trimester that pregnancy.

You may additionally experience:

cramping in her uterus with bleedingbleeding during labour

If you endure bleeding during your pregnancy, contact your midwife or medical professional immediately.

Placenta praevia treatment

Placenta praevia is graded right into 4 categories from minor come major. If you have grade 1 or 2 it may still be possible to have actually a quality birth, however grade 3 or 4 will need a caesarean section.

Any great of placenta praevia will call for you come live near or have easy accessibility to the hospital in case you start bleeding. Heavy bleeding may mean you should be admitted to hospital for the remainder of her pregnancy.

When you space in hospital, your blood will certainly be taken to make sure precise donor blood enhance is easily accessible in instance you require a blood transfusion. Friend may likewise need to take iron tablets if you have anaemia (low blood haemoglobin level).

If you have bleeding throughout your pregnancy and also have Rh an adverse blood, you will need an injection of Anti D so your baby is not affected by the bleeding.

Your baby may also be monitored v a cardiotocograph (CTG) come make certain they are not distressed. The CTG records your baby"s heart price and solution to movements and contractions.

Being in hospital doesn"t protect against you indigenous bleeding, yet your baby can be delivered much more quickly if needed. Your doctor or midwife will discuss any type of test results with you and also what steps may be required to ensure you and also your baby"s wellbeing.

As well together speaking come your doctor or midwife because that advice, you deserve to get aid and details from:

Sources: Women"s and Children"s health and wellness Network (Placenta praevia), march of Dimes (Placenta previa)

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Last reviewed: October 2019

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