"Nobody but You" is one of the 4 collaborations the Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton have taken part in together

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On Friday evening, the 45-year-old country singer commemorated Mohegan Sun's 25th Anniversary when that took component in a headlining show at the Mohegan sunlight Arena in Uncasville, Connecticut.

While performing a choice of some of his best hits, Shelton additionally partook in a solo rendition that his well-known duet "Nobody yet You," which functions wife Stefani, 52.

Standing prior to the packed group at the show, Shelton carry out his currently of the song in person, if a video clip of Stefani play behind him, singing her components of the romantic duet.

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An insider in ~ the occasion tells human being that "the whole performance was so heartfelt" and Shelton also put his hand ~ above his chest together he walked towards the display screen that featured Stefani, whereby he blew her a kiss.

"Nobody however You" was formerly released in January 2020 and significant Shelton and Stefani's 3rd collaboration together complying with 2016's "Go Ahead and also Break my Heart" and 2017's "You make It Feel choose Christmas" (The pair also released your collaborative tune "Happy Anywhere" months later on in July 2020).

At the moment they released "Nobody yet You," the pair likewise shared a music video clip for the song, which attributes several clips the the couple singing when cuddled up on the couch with their dog Betty. Few of the clip even shows up to it is in self-shot moments from their day-to-day life — including a compilation of sweet selfies with a make-up totally free Stefani laughing together Shelton showers her in kisses.

Elsewhere that same month, Shelton and also Stefani likewise performed the track throughout the 2020 Grammy Awards. There, Shelton took the stage first, to sing solo through a etc in hand prior to Stefani joined him midway through.

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In March, the pair climate dropped the acoustic version of the song, which come off of Shelton's 2019 album Fully Loaded: God's Country, which attributes the Grammy-nominated track "God's Country."

Mohegan Sun's 25th anniversary event will continue Saturday evening through a concert from Harry Styles and also a star-studded red carpet.



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Blake Shelton Blows a Kiss come Onscreen Gwen Stefani during Solo Rendition that Their track "Nobody but You"