Watch “The Kelly Clarkson Show” hold borrow a hit from her fellow coach for her latest cover performance.

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Kelly Clarkson covered a Blake Shelton fight on her many recent "Kellyoke."Weiss Eubanks / NBCUniversal
Kelly Clarkson has actually done the again!

On Thursday’s episode of her talk show, the 39-year-old entertainer wowed she audience with one more pitch-perfect cover because that her latest “Kellyoke” segment — and this time the song an option made the feel like a “Voice” crossover episode.

That’s due to the fact that when Clarkson stepped as much as the mic, she belted the end “Who space You when I’m no Looking,” a track that to be a hit for other “Voice” coach Blake Shelton more than 10 year ago.

The country music ballad, i beg your pardon tackles the object of the parts of a partner’s life the you have the right to never really know, seemed like a herbal fit for her smooth vocal style and proved, as soon as again, there’s no genre she can’t handle.

“It"s official! Kelly Clarkson have the right to literally song ANYTHING!” one fan raved in the comments that followed a clip that the power on YouTube.


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And yet an additional praised exactly how she personalized the piece, writing, “She sings every song like she wrote it or is right now experiencing the feeling of the lyrics. It renders every power so believable.”

Friends in music: Blake Shelton and Kelly Clarkson, seen below on the present season the "The Voice." Trae Patton / NBC

But rather in the comment section focused on what Shelton would have actually thought of Clarkson’s rendition.

“Blake"s like, "Sheesh! She sang my song far better than i did!" one human being joked.

And while some argued that Shelton better “watch out” for the singer he’s worked with top top “The Voice” for the previous eight seasons, one more admirer mentioned that ultimately, “Blake Shelton would be proud of her,” and also that castle should think about it because that a future coaches duet.

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While Shelton’s recording of “Who room You as soon as I’m not Looking” topped the Billboard Hot nation Songs graph in 2011 and also is the one country music fans space most acquainted with, he no the an initial artist to take on the track penned through songwriters john Wiggins and Earl Bud Lee. Singer

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