The Voice Season 21: All remote Audition Singers top top Team Blake Shelton Blake Shelton is coaching several incredible singers ~ above The Voice season 21. Obtain to recognize the group of contestants that joined Team Blake this season.

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Blake Shelton ~ above The Voice season 21
Team Blake Shelton is always really competitive on the show, and also it looks choose the country star will have actually another great year ~ above The Voice season 21. As the can be fried OG coach, Blake has won the most The Voice periods over the years, i m sorry is the show"s all-time record. In fact, Team Blake"s many recent success took place just last season when electronic came Anthony to be crowned the champion the season 20.

Prior come Cam"s victory, Blake coached seven other up-and-coming singers to victory the show. Those winners were Jermaine Paul (season 2), Cassadee Pope (season 3), danielle Bradbery (season 4), Craig Wayne Boyd (season 7), Sundance Head (season 11), Chloe Kohanski (season 13), and also Todd Tilghman (season 18). Blake is currently trying come secure his ninth win, but he has actually an uphill battle in former of him. After ~ all, Blake is facing a the majority of competition from other coaches Kelly Clarkson, man Legend, and also Ariana Grande.

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Blake has actually been a charismatic, dynamic, and hilarious coach for all 21 seasons of The Voice, which is why new and longtime viewers reap him so much on the show. That great reputation, combined with his impressive track record, absolutely helps Blake convince the singers to join his team in the blind Auditions. So, now is the perfect time to malfunction all the contestants at this time on Team Blake.

Peedy Chavis

Peedy Chavis perform "Heartbreak Hotel" by Elvis Presley during his audition. His talent gained Blake and also John to rotate their chairs for him, however Peedy determined Blake as a coach.

Memphis, TN aboriginal Wendy Moten acquired all 4 coaches to turn about for her, however Blake supplied a "block" top top John. As a result, Wendy join Team Blake after ~ her blind Audition top top The Voice season 21.

Lana Scott

Blake and also Kelly turned their chairs approximately after listening come Lana Scott song "Hole In The Bottle" by Kelsea Ballerini. In the end, Lana decided that Blake would certainly be a far better coach because that her.

Hailey Green

15-year-old Hailey green wowed the coaches with her remote Audition power of "Home" by Marc Broussard. Alas, Blake to be the only coach that turned for her, so she defaulted come his team.

Country trio The happiness Reunion is now likewise a component of Team Blake. The group, which consists of Neil Morrison, Robert Easley, and Gentry Monreal, performed "Boondocks" through Little large Town.

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Carson Peters

Carson Peters was one of the few contestants who got a four-chair rotate on The Voice season 21. After his power of "Tulsa Time" by Don Williams, Carson chose Blake to be his coach.

Kaitlyn Velez

Team Blake additionally features 21-year-old Kaitlyn Velez, that sang "Please Don"t Go" by Mike Posner throughout her remote Audition. Complying with her audition, the lengthy Island native was able to pick between Blake and also John.

Blake was additionally quite impressed with Berritt Haynes" blind Audition. Berritt performed "Mercy" by Brett Young and went top top to join Team Blake best away.

Clint Sherman

With his performance of "Brown Eyed Girl" by valve Morrison, Clint Sherman likewise defaulted come Blake"s team during his blind Audition. That"s because Blake to be the just coach that turned because that Clint.

Manny Keith

Miami indigenous Manny Keith performed Dua Lipa"s new pop anthem "Break my Heart". Blake was as soon as again the only coach to rotate for Manny, however given his as whole track record, Blake obviously knows what he"s doing.


Singing "Good Days" through SZA, Libianca acquired Blake and Ariana to turn their chairs because that her. In the end, she decided to join Team Blake.

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Last however certainly not least, Tommy Edwards became the last contestant on The Voice season 21 to join Team Blake. He had a great performance the "Drops of Jupiter" by Train.