CHARLES SYKES/ASSOCIATED press ARCHIVESBlake had actually some charisma but little else throughout a mostly lackluster present at the SAP center in mountain Jose Friday night.

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Sure, it’s sort of a silly distinction: Which male star will earn the annual honor of gift named people magazine’s Sexiest man Alive.

But choose it or not, the an option serves as some type of “bizarre social barometer,” the daily Beast said.


The 6-foot-5 Oklahoma-bred singer is likewise famous for being a referee on “The Voice” however he may just as well known for being Gwen Stefani’s boyfriend.

Upon hearing the news, Shelton embraced an aw-shucks persona around receiving an respect that has previously unable to do to such famous celebrity hunks as George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Bradley Cooper and also Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

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“I’ve been ugly my whole life,” Shelton, 41, said in a statement on Tuesday. “If I deserve to be sexy for a year, I’m taking it!” He additionally showed the wise-cracking side he displays on “The Voice,” joking the he mainly can’t wait to stick the to fellow judge Adam Levine, who was called Sexist male Alive in 2013.

“As proud together I am and honored that you males asked me, that’s really the only thing I treatment about,” he said.

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But plenty of on Twitter weren’t laughing in addition to Shelton.

Instead, some were laughing at him, or the idea of the being thought about “sexy.”

People: we’re naming Blake Shelton Sexiest man Alive!

Women everywhere:

— luisa (
itsluisagibson) November 15, 2017

Woke up and also saw Blake Shelton is the sexiest male alive. Go a bunch of celebrities dice or something last night?

— silence DoGOoD (
realBigBalls) November 15, 2017

Others wonder why any kind of of a number of other popular heartthrobs weren’t named, especially Idris Elba.

A perform of guys sexier 보다 Blake Shelton:

Idris ElbaIan SomerhalderTom HiddlestonJamie DornanMatt BomerMichael B. JordanPaul RuddKJ Apa#SexiestManAlive

— poor Millennials (
_badmillennials) November 15, 2017

nothing sows mistrust in the media more than blake shelton being called sexiest male alive only

— Ziwe (
ziwe) November 15, 2017

Blake Shelton wins People's desire award for "Most Persuasive Publicist"

— man Fugelsang (
JohnFugelsang) November 15, 2017

For others, they to be annoyed follow me partisan lines due to the fact that Shelton voiced his support for Donald Trump’s presidential candidacy.

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“A lot of of world are pulling for him, no matter just how much Hollywood fights it,” Shelton said about Trump in one interview with Billboard in respectable 2016. “I see human being who don’t like him go and beat up world that carry out like him. Girlfriend tell me, who’s crazy here?… I more than likely wish over there was an additional option, but there’s not.”

I don't desire to live in a civilization where Donald trumped is chairman & Blake Shelton is the sexiest male alive…

— Angela Belcamino (
AngelaBelcamino) November 15, 2017

But plenty of others were genuinely angered and disturbed by People’s decision to provide Shelton such a national platform, provided the homophobic and racist points he had said in the past.

Are right women okay?? because I recognize gay men didn't surname Blake Shelton sexiest male alive

— The gay Burn publication (
SouthernHomo) November 15, 2017

The homophobic and racist tweets pertained to light ~ Shelton tried to backtrack ~ above his comments around Trump. Twitter customers unearthed points he had actually said before he began to gain mainstream success top top “The Voice.”

There to be juvenile jokes favor “Question for my gay followers…. Are skittles y’all’s favourite candy?” and also “How can I be attracted to lesbians?…I’m not gay…”

#Throwback to few of
BlakeShelton 's homophobic tweets poking funny at and insulting happy men.

MusicFactsTea) respectable 13, 2016

In one tweet, that even showed up to advocate for violence against gay men, tweeting, “Re-writing my fav Shania twain song..Any man that tries touching my behind he is gonna be a beaten, bleedin’, heaving sort of guy…”

That comment triggered GLAAD to speak to him out, especially as the was now serving as a referee on “one of the many gay-friendly fact shows ~ above television.” In a statement, GLAAD said, “for him to make a joke to his 300-thousand-plus followers about leaving a gay male ‘beaten, bleeding and heaving’ is fully unacceptable.”

Meanwhile, the racists comments to be laced with profanities, introduce a center Eastern cab driver as “Omar” and also joking that part non-English speaker in a hotel room next could be plan a terror attack.

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Shelton quickly deleted the tweets and also issued an apology — that sorts. He used the strategy of saying he to be sorry because that “anybody that may have been offended,” putting the onus on civilization he offended come basically no be therefore sensitive. He claimed that comedy had always been a major part the his act, acknowledged that his humor deserve to be “inappropriate and immature” but insisted the he has actually “no tolerance for dislike of any kind of kind or form.”

But those deleted homophobic and also racist tweets again came back into the conversation around him Tuesday. Here is simply one the the tweets addressing the history:

#PeopleMagazine may have actually voted #BlakeShelton together the sexiest male alive, but lest we not forget he's a misogynistic, homophobic, racism jerk:
blakeshelton #sexiestman