Blake Shelton had his work reduced out for him top top theseason 19 finale that The Voice -- v two rivals in the mix, he performed 2 country classics on Tuesday"s live show!

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"America, I"m providing you the gift of 2 duets this year," Blake joked v his team members, Jim Ranger and also Ian Flanigan, ahead of the performances. "I had actually kind of do the decision that i was just gonna sing duets with Gwen Stefani. So ns am making a large exception below for the both that you."

"I was simply hoping to song in front of you, when I come here," Jim marveled. "And now I get to sing through you! This is spectacular."

"If that don"t placed you in the Christmas spirit," Blake noted, to which Ian finished, "Nothing will!"

First up to be Ian, who lent his signature gravelly tone to a performance of Willie Nelson"s "Mammas Don"t Let your Babies thrive Up to it is in Cowboys" v Blake.

During Monday"s live show, the Saugerties, brand-new York, troubadourtook the stage to perform a new-school nation classic, "In Color" through Jamey Johnson, and also a nostalgic original single, "Never Learn."

"I don"t know if Ian is from the previous or from the future," Blake praised ~ his performance."I can"t think of where he belongs, there"s never ever been anyone the sounds anything prefer him. Even though you"re new, it"s above sounding. It"s important amazing, man."

Next up was Jim, that paid tribute tohis hometown ~ above a duet ofBuck Owens and also Dwight Yoakam"s "Streets the Bakersfield" v his coach.

During Monday"s live show, the soulful pastor and also family manimpressed coaches and fans through a new original song,"Last," and also a show-stopping cover of Joe Cocker"s "A little Help From my Friends."

"Your heart come through whatever that girlfriend sing and also everything that you do," john Legend raved. "You affix to what you"re to sing in a way that is yes, really felt by everybody the listens come it."

Ian and Jim have wowed coaches and fans every season -- native Ian"sdistinct coversof classics like Bob Dylan"s "Make You feeling My Love" and Sarah McLachlan"s "Angel" come Jim"s soulful, emotional renditions ofTim McGraw"s "Humble and also Kind" and also Harry Nilsson"s "Without You"-- and also now they"ve gained a shot at winning their coach yet anotherVoicetitle! (This will certainly be eight for Blake, however we"re certain he"ll stay humble about it.)

The Voicecrowns its season 19 winner ~ above Tuesday night, beginning at 8pm PT/ET top top NBC. See much more from thisseason in the video below.

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