When Miranda Lambert and also Blake Shelton suddenly divorced in 2015, the news rocked the country music human being by storm. The two icons of country have never provided an main reason for the split, yet there have been cheating rumors from both camps end the years.

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Now, that looks prefer both Lambert and Shelton have actually moved on. Shelton has resolved down v Gwen Stefani, whom he met when they were both judges top top The Voice. Meanwhile, Miranda Lambert date a few other musicians before marrying previous NYPD officer Brendan McLoughlin in Jan. 2019.

Still, pan of both nation superstars continue to monitor the story, especially since Shelton and also Lambert seemed to shade one an additional at the country Music association Awards in Nov. 2019. And also both singer-songwriters express themselves finest in music. V that said, these room the song that many fans believe Lambert and also Shelton wrote about each various other in the years after your acrimonious split.


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‘When ns Was His Wife,’ Miranda Lambert in the Pistol Annies

Miranda Lambert just finished increase a tour v her gritty, all-female nation music group Pistol Annies, consisted of of Lambert, Angaleena Presley, and Ashley Monroe. The group debuted in 2011 through their very first album Hell ~ above Heels.

In Nov. 2018, fans and critics speculated that their track “When i Was His Wife,” from your newest album Interstate Gospel, was a pointed jab at Lambert’s ex, especially due to the fact that she reportedly came up v the idea because that the song.

The jaunty text tell the story that a marital relationship gone sour and some much-needed advice for the next girl in line for an ex. Lines prefer “He’d never ever cheat, he’d never ever lie/He’ll love me forever ’til the day we die/He’ll never take me because that granted/I claimed that too once I to be his wife” made fans think Lambert was taking aim squarely in ~ Shelton.

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‘Got my Name adjusted Back,’ Miranda Lambert in the Pistol Annies

Another solitary and music video from the Pistol Annies’ recent album also had fans reasoning Lambert was making a couple of playful lyrical jokes in ~ her famed ex-husband’s expense. “Got mine Name adjusted Back” is all around a woman reclaiming her freedom, and her maiden name, after a divorce.

Lambert’s bandmates Presley and also Monroe actually wrote the song, and also Presley at first claimed the it wasn’t about anyone in the group. Yet Taste of nation reported that Lambert stated the track was about, “”Reclaiming your humor after you’ve to be so sad…To me it’s celebrating reclaiming part of yourself. You, her name.”

That sounds a lot prefer what the former Mrs. Shelton could have unable to do through.

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‘She’s obtained a means With Words,’ Blake Shelton

Lambert isn’t the only one rumored to have actually written and/or carry out a track or two about her ex. Shelton additionally sparked speculation with his derisive breakup track “She’s gained a way With Words” from his album If I’m Honest. He an initial performed the tune on the finale that The Voice in may 2016.

And the text couldn’t have been harsher: “She placed the her in ache / She placed the why in shot / She put the S.O.B. In sober / She placed the hang in hangover / She placed the ex in sex / She placed the short in blow / She placed a large F.U. In mine future / yes she’s gained a means / She’s gained a method with words.” Ouch.

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‘Bluebird,’ Miranda Lambert

After time passed and also things began looking up, for this reason did Lambert’s music. If her 2016 album The weight of this Wings was mostly around pain and also vulnerability, Lambert’s next effort, Nov. 2019’s Wildcard observed her getting ago to her sassier, much more hopeful musical roots.

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According come The Boot, Luke Dick, among Lambert’s co-writers for the solitary “Bluebird” off she seventh studio album, came up with the idea of someone keeping a “bluebird” in your heart during a dark time. “I wanna compose that v you, because I feel choose that’s what you did. And also it’s what i feel favor we every do,” she told the outlet he texted her at the time.

The hopeful tune is all about moving on and getting end the past, through lyrics like “And if love keeps offering me lemons/I’ll just mix ’em in mine drink.”

Some fans assumed the line “Yeah, I’m a turner/I revolve pages all the time/Don’t prefer where I’m at, 34 was bad/So I simply turn to 35” is a referral to the moment in her life shortly after her divorce indigenous Shelton and her hope for a much better life through Brendan McLoughlin.

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‘Bet friend Still Think around Me,’ Blake Shelton

On his 2016 album If I’m Honest, Shelton’s tune “Bet you Still Think around Me” definitely seemed to it is in a barely-veiled ode to his romantic history with Lambert.

The lyrics showed a softer side of Shelton, ruminating on shed love in lines prefer “Baby where are you going now?/Do you ever before really know?/Oh you dislike to be tied down/But you hate to sleep alone/I bet you still think about me.”

Shelton said E! News about the track at the time, “At some suggest whether you go with a divorce or a breakup or whatever, as soon as you acquire past the anger and also the frustration of that all, you sort of enter the sad component of it where it’s just like, ‘Gosh, how come that didn’t work out?’ and that’s what this song is about. Also though ingredient didn’t work-related out, i bet you miss me a tiny bit. It’s a sad song.”