Blake Shelton"s Hallmark movie "Time because that Me come Come home for Christmas" is acquiring a sequel, and it"ll star Allison Sweeney.

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Hallmark announced that the country star will produce a new holiday film, "Time for You to Come residence for Christmas," because that this year"s "Miracles the Christmas" occasions on the Hallmark movies & Mysteries" channel, reports entertain Weekly.

In enhancement to Sweeney, "Marvel"s Agents that SHIELD" gibbs Lucas Bryant will also star in the sequel. In the film, Sweeney will certainly portray a widowed mommy who meets a veteran top top the train while traveling to her home town for Christmas. Transforms out, he to be bound for the exact same town (surprise!) and also the 2 connect and grow close while volunteering because that a fundraiser for military families.

The 2018 film "Time because that Me come Come home to Christmas," was based upon Shelton"s song "Time for Me to Come Home" the he wrote through his mother, Dorothy Shackleford.

"Time because that You come Come house for Christmas" will certainly premiere in ~ 8 p.m. On Dec. 6 on the Hallmark movie & Mysteries" channel.

To discover out more, read the full write-up on to chat Weekly.

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canned cranberry sauce is The Devil and don't let The evil one in your house this Thanksgiving
Mike Jordan
November 27 | 2019

This Thanksgiving, many an excellent people throughout the south will loss victim to the biggest trick The devil ever pulled. Castle (maybe you) will put on your plates — in enhancement to so numerous wonderful vegetables, proteins, carbs, gravies and sweets — terrible, dreadful slices of crate cranberry sauce. And when lock do everything it is world with mouthfuls of crate cranberry sauce perform (Chew? Smush? Swish?), they will know — regardless of whatever religious beliefs they carry out or don"t have, the they have sinned.

Don"t permit it be you. Cranberry sauce is The Devil. And just together The adversary does as soon as he takes various other forms, box cranberry sauce has actually one goal: to make you think you"re winning however to at some point damn her soul.

Canned cranberry sauce is a congealed, can-shaped red blob the floppy and also gross goo. Box cranberry sauce looks choose a gummy bear make of beef liver. Box cranberry sauce is ribbed.

You know exactly how you have the right to tell it"s evil? Look exactly how tight it pushes up against the can—so much, in fact, that it bring away literally the exact type of the can"s interior in a effective attempt come escape eternal can-damnation. Nothing should look like that. It"s box Hades. Also, the shape never changes. If you keep that stuff approximately after Thanksgiving it"ll look precisely the very same forever, like McDonald"s fries.

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It"s therefore gross. I just saw part in my mind and also did among those Jim Carrey dry-heaves. Also, it"s red. Prefer devil-red. It"s no a coincidence. Imagine if it also had horns, a pitchfork, a long tail through an arrowhead tip, a slick goatee and a widow"s peak. Possibly then you"d listen.

Before you walk trying to correct me, I know full-well that the gelatinous yuck of box cranberry sauce is led to by pectin, which occurs naturally in fruit. And I recognize that pectin is in numerous things i eat — some of which I probably ate this morning, including strawberry jam or grape jelly on mine chicken biscuit. However that"s different, since when i take mine butter knife, scrape the height layer that the jelly/jam and spread it on my biscuit, I"m not beginning from a mass of jiggle-matter that is in which method defying legislations of gravity and also temperature by stand in location without miscellaneous to organize it. Those jellies and also jams are in containers, prefer Mother planet intended. Actual sauce doesn"t behave prefer that; at the very least not sauce that comes from a decent southerly home.

And this isn"t part attempt to shame canned cranberry sauce for having actually too lot sugar or whatever. NEWSFLASH: IT"S THANKSGIVING. Naught is healthy! every little thing has too lot sugar now — even the salt! To it is in honest, box cranberry sauce is relatively healthy, aside from the truth that an average-sized part of a well-known store-bought brand contains all the street an adult should have in a totality day (and wouldn"t friend rather have pie for the price?).

But this isn"t around your cholesterol level, or blood pressure, or whatever the physician warned you to watch when she insisted friend "enjoy Thanksgiving responsibly" together if Thanksgiving came through a party of Jim Beam or something. Well, possibly it does...

Anyway, this is bigger 보다 your health! This is about the future of the South, and standing up because that the appropriate to speak to a deserve to of translucent red cranberry jelly a have the right to translucent red cranberry jelly, and also not "sauce." Sauce is liquid. Sauce makes every little thing better. Sauce is boss. Gravy is sauce! placed some gravy on her plate and also a cornbread stuffing point of view gets that wings. Placed a part of canned cranberry sauce, looking prefer a round 1970s waterbed filled with tomato aspic, and also you destroy all the lovely architecture of your oversized southerly Thanksgiving meal.

It every comes under to the basic truth. Box cranberry sauce is no sauce; it"s jelly. And also putting jelly top top a plate of cornbread stuffing, mac and cheese, collard greens, environment-friendly beans, turkey, ham, yams, corn, etc., is an abomination.

This is about enjoying Thanksgiving dinner. This is around remembering the cranberries are wonderful, and also that over there are means to reap them that don"t require you bending your mind right into a formless shape and also questioning the laws of nature and also physics. This is around truth, and the fact is that canned cranberry sauce is The Devil. And also The devil is a lie.

Do the appropriate thing and keep The adversary out that your house and way down in the hole, definition the can, this Thanksgiving. V the lid on.