Updated on: Wednesday, October 28, 2020, 09:27 am IST

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani are engaged after date for 5 years

American singer-songwriter Gwen Stefani and also Blake Shelton are officially engaged. The pair has been dating since 2015, mutual the news on your Instagram handles.

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In the picture, Gwen deserve to be seen flaunting she rock, when Blake grabs her for a kiss.

Shelton captioned the article as, “Hey
gwenstefani many thanks for saving my 2020... And also the rest of my life… ns love you. Ns heard a YES!”, at the same time Stefani shared the exact same post and also wrote, “
gwenstefani thanks for saving my 2020... And the remainder of mine life.. Ns love you. I heard a YES!

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Last month the couple returned indigenous Oklahoma and also have official moved right into their Los Angeles mansion.

According come a resource to us Weekly, "They are really happy to be cleared up at critical in their household home. Gwen want to be relocated in for the begin of the school year, even though the children are doing school at home due to the fact that of COVID-19." The California abode, i m sorry the pair bought together in October 2019, is "very warm and inviting v a many of room for the boys to tumble around and also get dirty," the source added.

The 50-year-old singer Stefani and also "God"s Country" crooner Shelton, both have actually room to it is in themselves within the walls of their brand-new home.

The insider explained, "Gwen has actually a glam closet any kind of woman would certainly love to have. And Blake"s closet isn"t so shabby either."

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The pair is excited for their next chapter and to live under one roof.

"They space truly happy together a family and also it"s the brand-new beginning Gwen needed," the resource added.

The pair"s new mansion will additionally be house to Stefani"s 3 sons, 14-year-old Kingston, 12-year-old Zuma, and also 6-year-old Apollo, that she shares with ex-husband, Gavin Rossdale. All 3 boys have developed bonds through the nation singer Shelton because he met their mom as a coach on singing reality display "The Voice".

Shelton was previously married to singer Miranda Lambert and Kaynette Williams.

A source to united state Weekly said in August, "Those boys look approximately Blake in a big way. He"s earned your respect together a father figure. He"s gone from being their friend to being a major parental influence."

The relocate came after ~ the lovebirds and Stefani"s boys invested months quarantining in Shelton"s home state that Oklahoma between the coronavirus pandemic.

While security so much time with each other at home throughout the quarantine, the artists have actually made music together and revamped your future wedding plans.

When the pair does walk down the aisle, they will carry out it twice with ceremonies in Los Angeles and also Oklahoma.

"Oklahoma gives the pair more privacy and the possibilities are unlimited for a wedding reception people will talk around for years," a resource said in ~ the time.

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Shelton and also Stefani likewise dropped their brand-new country duet "Happy Anywhere" recently.

According to Fox News, the couple is checked out gushing end finding love and happiness in ~ every location in the world ad long as they have each other. The chorus the the song claims "I"m running vast open / ns was born v my feet in activity / But due to the fact that I met you, i swear / I might be happy everywhere / any map dot ar / You"re constantly my location / You"re the just thing the I"m chained come / I might be happy all over / I can be happy everywhere with you."

The couple had formerly collaborated because that "Nobody however You" in 2019 and 2016"s "Go Ahead and Break my Heart."