The 37-year-old nation singer remembered creating "Over You" with her now ex-husband to help him grieve the ns of his brother.

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It’s been practically six years due to the fact that Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton walk their different ways, however during their time together, the previous spouses mutual some special moments.

Now Lambert is opening up around one that those moments, explaining just how she and also her ex not only made beautiful music together, they made music that “helped his household heal” year after enduring a damaging loss.

Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert co-wrote her song "Over You," which walk on come win song of the year trophies in ~ the CMA and also the ACM awards.Kevin Winter / Getty pictures for ACM

“My ex-husband, Blake, had lost a brother, and also it’s one of those moments where, also if she married to someone, periodically you discover something new about them,” Lambert common in one interview with singer-songwriter and also podcast host Kelleigh Bannen for Apple’s Essentials Radio. “Dudes don’t open up around things, but he started telling me around the experience of the all.”

Shelton’s older brother, Richie, died in a auto accident in 1990, at the age of 24. The nation crooner has said the event changed his live forever.

Given that Shelton is a prolific songwriter himself, Lambert asked him if the written about the pains experience. He told her he’d never made the attempt to work through his grief in song.

“He was like, "Well, mine dad simply says, "You don"t obtain over it. Friend just gain used to it."" and also I to be like, "Well, could we create it? perform you want to shot or is the invasive?"" she recalled. ""I would never try to compose your story since I didn’t live it, but maybe ns could help because ns an external perspective. Ns feel her pain talking to me best now.""


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That conversation led the two to sit down and also pen “Over You,” a monitor from Lambert’s 2011 studio album, “Four the Record,” that tackles the sting of grief.

“I"ll miss out on you/ They speak I"ll it is in OK/ however I"m no going to ever get end you,” the text read.

The solitary went ~ above to victory Lambert and also Shelton both the CMA and also the ACM awards for song of the year. However looking earlier on the track now, that’s no what stands out for Lambert.

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"It was really a unique moment," she claimed of producing the hit. "I’m so happy we common that song and that it helped his household heal, to have actually that together."

Lost my brother 27 years ago I was just 14 at the time but it changed my life forever... Make me realize the life is precious and also there"s no time choose RIGHT now to walk for it... Us still miss out on you Richie!!

— Blake Shelton (

“Look, you’re never gonna gain over it,” Shelton said in a 2018 interview with Cowboys & ind magazine. “For me, my brothers was my huge brother. I mean, I want to it is in him. I wanted to look choose him, dress prefer him, hear to what that listened to, and be into the points he was into. So when he was eliminated in a vehicle accident, it was literally like the human being went silent. There to be a void in mine world every one of a sudden, and I’m still not over it. I’m simply used to it.”

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