numerous Country Music fans complied with Blake"s marriage and also divorce through Miranda Lambert, yet don"t know very much around his first wife (Kaynette Williams) . . .

Blake Shelton very first Wife to be Kaynette Williams many years before 2nd wife Miranda Lambert. Blake Shelton’s marital relationships have included two crucial women in his life. Blake Shelton married his very first wife Kaynette Williams in 2003 and second wife Miranda Lambert in 2011. While plenty of fans adhered to Blake’s marriage and divorce indigenous Miranda Lambert, lock don’t understand much about Blake’s an initial love. Right here is the story behind both that Blake Shelton’s marriages.

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Blake Shelton’s an initial Wife (Kaynette Williams)

Long before Miranda Lambert, Blake Shelton had actually a an initial ex-wife by the name of Kaynette Williams (orginally Kaynette Gern). Blake Shelton and also Kaynette Williams were Ada, Oklahoma high school sweethearts. They got hitched in a tiny ceremony in Gatlinburg, Tennessee top top November 17th (making she officially Kaynette Shelton).

Blake Shelton very first Wife Wedding Ceremony

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 Blake was only 15-years-old and also Kaynette Gern was simply out the high school as soon as the duo met for the an initial time in their hometown that Ada, Oklahoma. Kaynette offered as his longtime sweetheart and road manager before they married and also then were officially divorced 3 years later on in 2006.

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Currently, Kaynette Williams is now living a quiet life in Great Bend, Kansas and is working as a math facilitator in ~ an elementary school school. She is currently dating rodeo champion Cody Joe Scheck— the human being record holder because that steer roping.

Blake Shelton an initial Wife Today

photo: Keynette Gern Facebook
Kaynette has since updated her facebook profile to Kaynette Scheck and also might have actually move forward with marriage to Cody.

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 You can see exactly how much girlfriend know around Blake Shelton’s very first ex-wife by analysis these 10 fast facts around Kaynette Williams / Kaynette Gern.

Blake Shelton’s second Wife (Miranda Lambert)

Most country Music fans require no introduction to Miranda Lambert and followed the trials and tribulations the Blake’s marital relationship with Miranda Lambert. Miranda and also Blake an initial met earlier in 2005 at CMT’s 100 biggest Duets Concert, whereby they perform together.

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 Blake married Miranda Lambert on might 14, 2011 in ~ a ceremony at the Don weird Ranch in Boerne, Texas (north of san Antonio).


Photo Credit: us WeeklyHere is an additional image of the happy couple at their wedding awareness in 2011.

The powerful country duo spent four years of marital relationship in the spotlight before Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert divorced on July 20, 2015. Twin country careers does no make for basic marriage. Blake Shelton was liven touring and also completing his duty on The Voice TV display while Miranda Lambert likewise had a busy tour schedule. Miranda questioned her divorce native Blake in this interview.

Miranda Lambert relocated on to date fellow country Singer Anderson eastern for two years. She climate dated Evan Felker because that 6 months. The Turnpike Troubadours frontman Evan Felker served as the opened act because that Miranda’s current tour. Evan and Miranda Lambert have parted ways just 6 months after their romance started, his divorce from estranged wife Staci Nelson Felker was recently finalized, and also he’s reportedly having worries passing a ache kidney stone. The Turnpike Troubadours canceled their last appearances top top Miranda Lambert and Little big Town‘s co-headlining The Bandwagon Tour. Miranda Lambert went on come marry Brendan McLoughlin.

Watch the video clip below because that a visual guide to Blake’s prior 2 marriages and also learn more about his existing relationship with Gwen below.

Blake Shelton’s former Two marital relationships Video

Blake Shelton is currently 44 years old (born June 18, 1976) and also the well-known ‘Voice’ coach is at this time and really publicly romancing other entertainer Gwen Stefani. Gwen is currently 51 year old (born October 3, 1969). Blake shows up to be really happy dating Gwen Stefani and appeared on the Ellen show gushing about his previous No Doubt girlfriend.

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“It’s been simply an eye-opener come be with someone like her,” Blake dear expressed. “Believe it or not, i mean, friend think Gwen Stefani and also No Doubt and she is literally possibly the many normal human being that I’ve ever before met in mine life. The been an excellent for me come be v somebody it is so grounded and also just a good human being with a good heart.”

Gwen and also Blake have actually been dating currently for over 5 years and appear to it is in going strong. Blake is a constant topic that Gwen’s social media updates. Blake and also Gwen to buy a house together in Encino, California in might of 20202. The pair came to be officially engaged in October of 2020.