take it a video tour of Miranda Lambert"s home and also 400 acre equine farm the is south of Nashville, Tennessee.

Miranda Lambert’s home and horse farm are the perfect escape for the nation music star and also her horses, dogs, and also other pets. No long after dividing from fellow nation music superstar Blake Shelton in July 2015, Miranda Lambert plopped under $3.4 million and relocated to gorgeous 400-acre farm close to Primm Springs, Tennessee. This property is roughly an hour drive south of Nashville. Watch the video clip tour and see additional photos and details below!

Miranda Lambert’s Home and also Horse farm yard (Video Tour)

Miranda Lambert’s Tennessee home and farm touts:

a 3,544 square foot main housetwo guest cabins surrounded by a park-like propertya stocked lake (fishing pond),boathousehorse barn75 acre of fence pastures6 bay equipment garagecaretaker apartment over the tools garage2 stall steed barn

Lambert’s property additionally features two rustic, however luxurious cabins. The larger cabin has actually a huge front porch, a living/dining room v high ceilings and also a rock fireplace, a small, yet well-planned kitchen, one bedroom, a resting loft, and also a big bathroom with dual sinks.

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photo: real Estate Listing
A wood footbridge leads over a stream to the smaller sized guest cabin, which has a combination living room and also bedroom, fireplace, a kitchenette, and a bathroom that boasts a claw-foot tub.


Miranda Lambert’s Home: Married top top the Tennessee residential property in 2019

Miranda Lambert and husband Brendan McLoughlin celebrated their first wedding anniversary ~ above Sunday, January 26, 2020. The couple married ~ above the Tennessee equine farm in a personal ceremony on January 26, 2019. Miranda later explained in one interview why she wanted a exclusive wedding, “I was married before, and it to be a vast wedding and everything was very public. So to be my divorce,” Lambert explained. “I learned then that it’s no for everybody else. This is mine actual life. With Brendan, ns made it a allude to store it as personal as I could for as long as ns could.”

On she 1 year wedding anniversary, Miranda posted, “1 year ❤️. I’m so happy come walk through this life with you. Say thanks to you Brendan because that making me the proudest wife and stepmom. You are the reason for every my new smile lines. I love you. #MrsMcLoughlin,” the star shared along with a photo from the couple’s secret wedding ceremony.


Brendan retired from the NYPD to spend time v Miranda and also he has actually a toddler son from a ahead relationship. The couple splits their time in between the steed farm exterior of Nashville and their place in brand-new York City. Miranda has discovered love again after she painful divorce indigenous Blake Shelton in 2015.

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“I feel prefer Nashville is somewhere whereby you can go if you need to be a dreamer and not it is in judged about it. I spent a most time below on highs and lows … ns went v a really hard time in mine life,” Lambert shared throughout her Nashville concert ~ above Friday (Jan. 24). “I moved right here in 2015 in the center of a s–t show, but I to be lifted increase by world who to be like, ‘We gained you, girl.’ mine friends and also my songwriters and also my fans and everybody here.”

The property came completely furnished at the moment of purchase, however we’re sure Miranda had no trouble putting her own signature stamp on the overall décor. It’s straightforward to check out why this building is the singer-songwriter’s go-to ar to recharge from her hectic schedule and spend low-key quality time with her husband.