Blake Shelton and also Miranda Lambert are legendary stars who have each accomplished successful careers. After 10 years together, the previous king and queen of country music shocked fans and also friends alike once they announced your divorce in 2015 after four years that marriage.

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Lambert has earned countless awards for she work, including 35 Academy of country Music Awards and also two Grammy Awards. Lambert"s greatest hits include "The home That built Me," "Mama"s damaged Heart," and "Somethin" Bad." Shelton is a coach top top NBC"s The Voice and was called People"s Sexiest male Alive in 2017. The country singer and also songwriter has earned countless awards and also Shelton"s "Honey Bee," "Drink top top It," and "Hillbilly Bone" space a grasp of hits that are nation music classics.

Shelton and Lambert are at the optimal of their industry, so it"s difficult to determine who is the many successful that the 2 stars. Keep reading to discover out who has a greater net worth!

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Blake Shelton has damaged out that the country genre, becoming a TV star since of The Voice (via Rolling Stone). Because 2011, Shelton"s gig as a coach top top NBC"s The Voice has made him a family members name, in enhancement to helping boost his country hits. Shelton was called People"s Sexiest man Alive.

According to Celebrity network Worth, Shelton"s network worth is $100 million. The celebrity outlet claims Shelton"s first big break came from a tune he wrote but didn"t perform, the song "I Wanna Talk around Me" to be a number one hit for Toby Keith. According to Celebrity network Worth, "Shelton has actually sold an ext than 10 million albums worldwide, 35 million singles and billions the digital streams."

Shelton"s coaching on The Voice has actually helped crank increase his net worth; that earns $13 million every season for his role on NBC"s hit series (via ScreenRant). Shelton has actually become more famous than his ex-wife since of the reality show and also his fight songs, yet Miranda Lambert has earned much more awards for her singing. Keep analysis to find out more!

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While her ex Blake Shelton became more aligned with Hollywood, nation superstar Miranda Lambert remained true come her nation music roots. Lambert has actually won more Academy of nation Music Awards than any kind of other artist. Nominated for multiple Grammy awards, Lambert has won two Grammys for she work. End the past 15 years, Lambert has won end mainstream music fans through her solo work and also as component of the Pistol Annies group.

According come Celebrity network Worth, Lambert"s network worth is end $60 million, much less than her ex-husband, yet still a pretty far-reaching number. The award-winning singer released seven albums, and most of the songs on her albums were composed or co-written by Lambert (via Us Weekly). Also, she has released three albums v Pistol Annies.

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Outside of she music, Lambert released a way of living brand Idyllwind in 2020. Follow to the brand"s website, Idyllwind is "built for the day-to-day girl who is also a badass! A brand based on loving who you are — being that you are — being comfortable in her skin — and also celebrating that at whatever period or size." Her new brand that clothing, accessory, and also boots is not included in the latest net worth estimate, so that way Lambert may be recording up to Shelton before long.