October 05, 2021 - 16:05 BST Hanna Fillingham Gwen Stefani left The Voice in 2020 however the No Doubt singer could return. Gwen is married come Blake Shelton, that is also a judge on the NBC show

Gwen Stefani is noticeably absent from this season the The Voice, the an extremely showwhereshe met her now-husband, Blake Shelton.

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The No Doubt hitmaker was last checked out on the NBC talent present in 2020whenher contestant Carter Rubin winner – Gwen"s first win.

However, the mom-of-three chose not to go back to the regimen for the brand-new series yet never gave precise reason why – an interpretation it is possible she could return.

VIDEO: clock Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton do together

The well-off Girl singer has never continued to be on The Voice for two consecutive seasons, definition it is more than likely she can come earlier in 2022.

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The existing Season 20 was supposedly filming at the exact same time as season 19 was wrapping up, which to be a time Gwen was liven releasing her first solo single in years, let Me Reintroduce Myself.

To date, the singer has been a coach on seasons 7, 9, 12, 17 and 19. The star is also reportedly busy working on brand-new music and her ras Vegas residency, an interpretation she has small spare time appropriate now.

Gwen Stefani could well return to The Voice

Of course, Gwen is likewise been liven in her personal life as a working mother to three sons – Kingston, Zuma and Apollo.

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While Gwen isn"t on the show this season, she is still really present in spirit.

Gwen met now-husband Blake Shelton top top The Voice

On Monday night"s blooper reel mutual by the show, brand-new judge Ariana Grande and John Legend were talking about nicknames offered to the judges" by your fans, and also when it concerned Blake and Gwen, man announced that fans describe them together Shefani.

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Ariana replied, telling them: "Oh, ns love that. I stan Shefani."

Gwen left season 19 on a high andwas make upthat her contestant was called the all at once winner. The singer was even moredelightedby the truth that she had beat Blake, who had actually won season 18.

Blake and his fellow The Voice coaches - Ariana Grande, Kelly Clarkson and also John Legend

At the beginning of the series, Gwen said, "Blake winner last season.But I"m earlier this season and also I’m walking to obtain a win." Gwen and Blake have actually a many to say thanks to the show for, having met on the in 2015.

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What"s more, The Voice hold Carson Daly also officiated their wedding back in July.

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