When Blake Shelton and also Gwen Stefani were in the middle of wedding prep, the singer admitted the he was leaving many of the details as much as his bride, explaining the if he to be in charge, the wedding would certainly be "pretty classless."

Now, in a conversation ~ above the Ellen DeGeneres Show, Shelton says that those comments led to some speculation the he to be a "lazy" husband — and also he's okay with that description.

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"And then part writer wrote, 'Oh, look, he's currently a lazy, deadbeat husband.' yet the reality is, i am," the jokes. "What do I know around that stuff? Of course it was her and her vision."

Even though he wasn't call the shots when it involved planning the ceremony, that doesn't average Shelton didn't enjoy what Stefani came up with — ~ above the contrary, the says, the event was among his favorites that he's ever been a component of. "All I had actually to execute was drink and also kiss Gwen Stefani. I mean, mine god. The best gig I've ever had," he adds.

Shelton knows the his wife's talents because that planning will when again it is in on display at the holidays. She's a great gifter who constantly goes the end of her method to do him feel special, that says, even though he always tells her no to obtain him any presents. This year, he's prepared: He's going come reciprocate with lots of gifts.

"Literally this particular day I gained on the phone with the internet company because they assumed there was credit card fraud due to the fact that I retained going ago to this website to buy her more stuff," that recounts dryly. "I'm getting her a bunch that stuff. I don't understand that she's going to like any kind of of it, however it's going to look an excellent in the wrapping paper, friend know?"

Gifts aside, Shelton and Stefani have currently begun establishing new holiday heritages together together a family, though this Christmas will certainly be their an initial as a married couple. Previously in the holiday season, the pair mutual one of your quirkiest traditions: lock pick fancy recipe they've never ever made before, prefer Beef Wellington, and try their hands at that together.

In this list of 10 things you didn"t know around Blake Shelton, you"ll learn what the singer believed of his "90s mullet, what his pet peeves are, what songs he sang when he gone into pageants together a boy (yes, really!) and more.

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