Some pan of The Voice were heartbroken when Adam Levine battered the show. But he walk reunite through Blake Shelton in a at sight Bowl ad joking about the nation singer’s connection with Gwen Stefani.

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Adam Levine to be on ‘The Voice’ v Blake Shelton


Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, Carson Daly on ‘The Voice’ | Trae Patton/NBC/NBCU photo bank

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Levine coached ~ above The Voice from the beginning of the show to season 16. He came to be close through Shelton through working together. The previous coach made sure to provide a shout the end to Shelton in his goodbye come the show.

“I couldn’t hide mine love because that you if i tried. Seriously. Ns tried,” read component of his statement. “Can’t perform it. Our friendship is and constantly will it is in one because that the books. Whatever this whole surreal suffer was, im simply happy I obtained to suffer it v you.”

Their familiar rivalry has continued after the show. Maroon 5’s song, “Nobody’s Love” to be competing against Shelton’s duet through Stefani, “Happy Anywhere” critical year. They went earlier and soon on Twitter around it through Shelton tweeting, “My god Adam…. You space still a pain in mine a**!!!!! walk away idiot!!!!”

Some fans to be excited to watch this top top Twitter hope they would reunite top top the show. That hasn’t happened yet they did show up in an ad together.

Levine sets increase Gwen Stefani and also Shelton in one ad

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The singers haven’t worked together ~ above The Voice for part time. But they teamed up for a funny advertisement for T-Mobile.

Stefani is viewed talking to Levine on her phone. “I think I’m all set to begin dating again,” she tells him. The asks what she’s looking for and also she has an interesting list.

“I’m ailing of L.A. Guys,” she answered. “I want someone completely different, possibly from one more country and someone cultured and also sensitive and also not endangered by a strong, i was sure woman.”

Sadly, Levine had a poor connection and also heard, “I’m sick of L.A. Guys. I want someone totally country, uncultured, and threatened by a strong, confident woman.” the was already eating v Shelton so he chose to set them up.

Stefani doesn’t watch happy to check out Shelton present up because that the date. The wears spurs and said he rode a equine to the restaurant.

Shelton really hopes Levine will sing in ~ his wedding

this week…we’re rivals can’t believe we’re already at the finale main of #TheVoice! the #TeamGwen for me, i m really sorry
blakeshelton. Walk
carterjrubin !! ❤️ gx

— Gwen Stefani (
gwenstefani) December 15, 2020

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The advertisement plays turn off of the surprising pair falling in love. They obtained to know each various other after their divorces if on The Voice and now they’re engaged. Shelton stated he really hopes his great friend will certainly sing on their big day.

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“I’ve sort of determined that I’ve to be doing this a lengthy time now and I’ve obtained a many favors out there,” Shelton claimed on Late Night through Seth Meyers. “He might not like it, but Adam Levine’s gonna have to obtain the tape together and also come and also play our wedding.”

The pair plans to wait for as soon as they deserve to have family at their wedding. Therefore we’ll have to wait to check out if Shelton will get his wish.