Months after welcome his third child with wife Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds has melted light on exactly how the mother and also baby are doing.

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During one interview through Extra to promote his brand-new Netflix film 6 Underground, the actor opened up around life at house now that he is a father of three.

‘They space doing great,’ the Deadpool actor said of the Gossip Girl star and his youngest child, prior to admitting the he’s love life as a brand-new parent.

‘I type of like my life,’ the told the news outlet. "I’m really kind of right into my children, which I know isn’t popular to say. It’s hard, three girls."

In May, the pair revealed the they were expecting their 3rd child as soon as Lively to visit the premiere the his film Detective Pikachu and also debuted a infant bump in a shining yellow Retrofête dress.


Much come the surprise of your fans, the actress secretly offered birth come her 3rd child previously this summer, v Reynolds sharing a picture of their baby in October.

The notoriously private couple hid their newborn’s face in the photo, v Reynolds adding a feeling smiley drawing over the tiny one’s face, lot to the amusements the the parents’ fans. However, the gibbs did allow slip the they had actually welcomed a third daughter, revealing the child’s sex because that the an initial time.

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In October, Lively likewise shared her infant registry through her fans on Amazon, and opened up around the realities that parenthood.

Sharing a previously unseen photo of it s her pregnant, the 32-year-old said that she had joined pressures with Amazon for the post "because mine friends space popping out kids and I"m sick of having to form up a brand-new "must have" list each time".

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