Anna Kendrick starred in a 2014 Ryan Reynolds movie, The Voices. In the dark comedy, she play his character, Jerry Hickfang’s love interest, Lisa. Numerous years later, the Pitch Perfect star walk on to occupational with the Proposal star’s wife, Blake Lively. They co-starred in 2018’s A straightforward Favor.

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Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds|Steven Ferdman/Getty Images

After working through the power couple on separate projects, Kendrick common her thoughts on why their marriage is successful. The pair have actually been married since 2012.

Anna Kendrick and also Ryan Reynolds common a kiss in ‘The Voices’

Kendrick and Reynolds acquired to recognize each other on the set of The Voices. In ~ the time, both actors had actually experience through on-screen romances. However, your chemistry resonated v fans when they started working together. ~ the movie premiered, the actors engaged with each various other via society media, every Insider.

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In 2015, a pan asked Reynolds around kissing Kendrick. He explained locking lips with his co-star as “ choose taking your confront to Awesometown.”

Following his tweet, Kendrick responded to her co-star ~ above the social media site.

“That IS the Kendrick-train guarantee,” she tweeted. “With neighborhood stops in Awkwardville and Tolerableshire.”

Anna Kendrick and also Ryan Reynolds’ wife, Blake Lively, kissed in ‘A simple Favor’

Although castle met once Kendrick to be 19, she and Lively no act together until castle both had established careers. Top top Sept. 14, 2018, the actors’ movie, A simple Favor, premiered. Kendrick stars as Stephanie Smothers, a small-town vlogger. She and her PR executive friend, Emily Nelson (Lively), shared a kiss.

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Before that is release, Lively and also Kendrick advocated the film together. According to to chat Tonight, the Twilight star has actually a pleasant experience kissing the Gossip Girl alum. She said that both she and also Lively ate mints prior to their intimate scene.

“All I’m ever thinking about in (kissing) scene is, who has actually gum? Who has actually a mint? and I think Blake is most likely the same due to the fact that I’ve never ever experienced a guy, like, searching for a mint and searching for gum,” she said. “So, we were the mintiest, freshest two human being to have ever before kissed in the background of America. Contact Guinness.”

Kendrick also added that “it was a fun day,” kissing she co-star.

‘They’re just like, simply sinfully an excellent together’

During her promotion for A basic Favor, Kendrick appeared on Late Night with Seth Meyers. In she interview, she defined working through both Reynolds and also Lively on separate projects. She claimed that she i found it Reynolds during The Voices was his “dark” sense of humor.

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Once she and also Lively joined forces, Kendrick stated The Town star possesses the same qualities as she husband.

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“Ryan’s like, very dark and funny,” she revealed. “And then when I ultimately worked v , i was like, ‘Oh, she’s yes, really dark and funny too, actually."”

“So friend know, they’re just like, just sinfully great together,” Kendrick continued.