Last night would"ve to be this year"s Met Gala, and also Blake Lively, like many other celebrities, was emotion nostalgic for. The actress post a gallery of photos on Instagram that the dresses she wore for she last three galas. She also confirmed that yes, she purposely matched the carpet. This confession shook many celebrities, consisting of her an excznjke.comnt friend Gigi Hadid.

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"...when the carpet matches the Blakes. Met sphere 2018, 2017, 2016," vivid wrote.

Hadid commented, "How much in breakthrough do you need to tell Anna what shade to make the carpet?"

Cazzie David added, "Did you do this just for the insta slide 4 years later reason if so I’d understand."

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Lively is famously her very own stylist and dresses herself because that the gala. She defined to Women"s Wear daily that her partnership with developers helps her get outfits because that red carpet events like the Met Gala. "It"s a most work ns mean, it’s not difficult in that we all dress ourselves every morning," she said. "Once you have actually the clothes, you just pick the end what to wear like any kind of other human being being does…The hard part is going with all the fashion shows and also screenshotting every the looks friend like and also calling castle in. I have actually an assistant that helps in calling in the looks. But a many it is I have actually relationships through the designers."

"I have manage issues and a big ego—that’s more than likely the honest answer ,” she deadpanned to WWD before answering more seriously. “I similar to it. Ns love design and I love fashion and it’s a way to it is in creative. In my project I acquire to be creative, yet it’s over a period of time and so countless other civilization are involved, conversely, this is a beginning, middle, and end, and also I obtain to be creative and there’s one end date in the close to future. It’s the same reason why I favor doing my friends’ hair and makeup or cooking—you gain to be creative and complete it."

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