The Voice is celebrate itstenth year ~ above the waiting this season, and also on Monday"s "Road come Lives: 10th Anniversary" special episode,the coaches tooka look ago at 20 seasons of the to sing competition.

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While the stars that season 20 -- Kelly Clarkson, man Legend, Nick Jonas and also Blake Shelton -- all say the mentoring the show"s positive singers has provided them fond memories and creative inspiration,it"s Blake who admits his life was truly changed by signing on to be a coach.

"People asking me all the time, "What"s the greatest thing that"s occurred to you because you"ve to be on The Voice?" That"s a no brainer, right?" he claims with a laugh. "I met mine fiancée here."

Blake and also Gwen Stefani met as soon as Gwen join the display as a season 7 coach in 2014. Both to be going v divorces, and also by the time Gwen changed for season 9 the following year, they would be an official couple.

"If you had told me earlier in 1996 that Gwen Stefani to be gonna be my girlfriend, ns would have actually laughed you the end of the room. I would have actually thought you to be crazy," Blake jokeson Monday"s special."Saying it ideal now, I virtually bust the end laughing, that"s exactly how ridiculous the is."

But the country star admits the he was impressed with the No Doubt frontwoman right from the start -- and maybe not for the factor you"d expect.

"Here"s this iconic absent star coming to it is in a coach top top The Voice in a black color minivan. The was cool come me," the recalls.

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"I love it when she"s here," that adds of walk up against Gwen as a fellowVoice coach."She brings a very complex element that competition for me in particular. But I love that. Ns love the challenge... Simply knowing that she"s there and she has actually my back is nice cool."

Blake and Gwen announced their engagement in October of last year, and while they"re definitely an A-list couple, Gwen newly revealed the the pair space planning some an extremely low-key nuptials.

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"We"re maintaining it an extremely simple. Yes, really simple," the singer stated on so late Night through Seth Meyers last month."I think the guest list will not have actually a the majority of musicians. It"ll it is in likemy mom and also my dad. It"s literally going come be just family. We are looking front to that, though."

"It"s going to be fun," Gwen continued. "We"re walking to do it really fun, yet it"s no going to it is in a large . It"s not prefer the queen and king are acquiring married or something prefer that."

See more on the pair in the video below. The Voice season 20 live shows start Monday, might 10 in ~ 8 p.m. PT/ET on NBC.

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