Spotted: Gossip Girl’s Serena valve der Woodsen fall in love v Deadpool, marrying him, and roasting the periodically on society media. Blake Lively and also Ryan Reynolds’ relationship has captivated the general public ever because the two an initial started dating in 2011. In 2012, the couple took points up a notch and also tied the knot.

Since then, the duo has expanded their family, welcoming three daughters James, Inez, and also Betty. But how did the former Green Lantern co-stars come to be real-life partners? Here"s the complete history of Lively and Reynolds" love story.

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July 2010

After being cast as the lead functions in Green Lantern, Lively and Reynolds make their very first appearance together to promote the film at Comic-Con in mountain Diego. The two weren’t romantically associated at the time: vivid was dating her Gossip Girl co-star pen Badgley, when Reynolds was married to Scarlett Johansson.


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September 2010Badgley and Lively ended their three-year partnership in mid-September. A source told Us Weekly in October the they remained friendly post-split. “They’re professionals,” the resource explained. “They"re still great friends and hang out on the set.” The two initially didn’t share their breakup news publicly: “ retained this news to themselves for a while.”


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December 2010In so late December, Reynolds filed for divorce from Johansson a few weeks after People shown the two were separating in a joint statement lock released.

They said in the statement, “After long and also careful consideration on both our parts, we’ve decided to end our marriage. We entered our partnership with love, and it’s through love and kindness we leave it. When privacy isn’t expected, it’s absolutely appreciated.”


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June 2011On June 15, 2011, Lively and Reynolds attend the red carpet premiere that Green Lantern in Hollywood. At the time, Lively to be rumored to be date Leonardo DiCaprio. Lively and also DiCaprio reportedly spent the summer together and were first photographed alongside each other in Cannes, France the May. According to E!, castle ultimately dubbed it quits in ~ the end of summer.

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October 2011 People reported that Lively and Reynolds were date after she was spotted leave his Boston apartment beforehand in the morning on his birthday weekend. A resource told People that the two are “very lot a couple,” and “they’re yes, really happy together.”

December 2011 to January 2012

In late December, paparazzi spotted the pair holding hand in Reynolds’ hometown the Vancouver. They to be visiting his household for the holidays.

The following month, PopSugar reported the two taking a romantic getaway in brand-new Orleans. Reynolds own a residence there in the country.

May 2012

Things started to gain serious in between the couple, v Lively spending an ext time v Reynolds’ family. Lively and Reynolds to be photographed back in Vancouver, follow to PopSugar. The two took a ferry ride in Nanaimo, brother Columbia, to accomplish his brother.

September 2012

On September 9, 2012, Lively and Reynolds bound the node at Boone hall in mountain Pleasant, southern Carolina. The duo exchanged your vows in a mystery ceremony in former of friends and also family.

Lively wore a couture gown design by Marchesa, and also Reynolds wore a Burberry suit. “When Ryan first saw her, his face broke into a vast smile that crinkled his eyes,” a source told People. “They just stared at each various other with absolute love. Their encounters were lit up through the candlelight, and also it looked favor something out of a romantic movie.”

Reynolds later spoke about regretting his and also Lively’s meet choice, as Boone hall is a previous plantation. Throughout an respectable 2020 interview through Fast Company, Reynolds said,“It’s miscellaneous we’ll always be deeply and unreservedly sorry for. It’s impossible to reconcile. What we witnessed at the moment was a wedding to meet on Pinterest.” The actor described they realized only after the event that Boone room was “built upon disastrous tragedy.”

October 2012

In one interview through Allure magazine, Lively opened up up around her connection with Reynolds and also expressed just how happy she is. “Right now, I"m therefore peaceful. I"ve never ever been more joy in my life,” she said. The actress likewise shared she wanted kids and also would have actually “30” if she could.


September 2013During one interview because that Lucky magazine’s September cover, Lively mutual details about her love life with Reynolds and also explained exactly how she is may be to make her very own decisions in her marriage.

“I was freshly asked how my layout has readjusted since I acquired married, together if ns was life under some sort of dictatorship,” she joked. “I need to hope i dress differently at 25 보다 I did as soon as I graduated high school. Ns hope I never ever stop changing."

Lively likewise spoke around how she and also Reynolds affect each other. “I"m an extremely lucky come be through someone that has much better taste 보다 me. We influence each various other in various ways. Through film and TV, you don"t watch the results for months. Structure a home, you acquire immediate gratification.”