“I love black because it affirms, designs, and styles” –Yves Saint Laurent, Elle magazine Spring-Summer 1968. Forty-five year later, this tho holds true. Black is somehow all at once timeless however modern, sophisticated yet edgy, and also flattering however fabulous. There’s a certain paradoxical facet to it. After all, how deserve to the absence of shade somehow be thought about one of the most universal “colors” of every time?

My love of black inspired my outfit that the day. Of food I had actually to include a couple of my favourite gold accent pieces to keep it exciting (and stop looking like a stagehand). I love subtle details through an edge; this look does a an excellent job of capturing that aspect of my style.

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Get the look: Lush ‘The Juliette’ Woven Tee | Topshop High waist Ponte skinny Pants

The button-embellished riding trousers are certainly the focal allude of the look. I personally love high-waist pants since they emphasize curves. (I’m no afraid of mine hips, and neither have to you be!) Bonus: you can wear them with all your chop tops there is no freezing come death.


Featuring: Titanium Two challenge Watch

Since the human body of the outfit is relatively plain, ns felt the require to include some fun jewelry to pump points up a little. V its twin faces, this clock is classic with a quirky twist (totally me!). I have one face collection to continuous ol’ Pacific conventional Time, and also one face set to Hawaii time (my actual home).


Featuring: Stephan & Co. Rock Stud Charm Necklace | Initial heart Charm Necklace | Engraved key Charm Necklace

I likewise layered a few necklaces for a girly touch. Ns absolutely adore every the broken charms trending in BP. Jewelry right now. The basic gold bowl is more than likely my favorite because its simplicity is sort of unexpected.

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Featuring: Halogen ‘Leesa’ Flat | Steve Madden ‘Panelope’ Bootie

For shoes, I chose to go with zip-up booties (I’m 5′ 0″ so I need the extra height), but the studded flats are a super-cute option if you’re searching for something a little much more comfortable. You yes, really can’t walk wrong v black suede and also gold detailing.

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