ASH MCGINTY is a boutique residential & commercial actual estate brokerage for sure based in Washington, DC. We provide real legacy sales and consulting services for client in the district of Columbia, Georgia and also Maryland.

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As a black owned actual estate company and among the very couple of licensed black color owned brokerage this firm in the country, we room proudly diverse and social influence driven.


Meet Dana

I to be PROUD come BE…a very sought after actual estate authority, a multi-state licensed broker and also Principal Broker of Ash McGinty, a Washington, DC based independent black owned actual estate company.

I LIVE IN…Upper NW Washington, DC (The yellow Coast) in a center hall colonial that ns am currently renovating (a previous embassy owned property) and also a beach condo in Naples, FL.

I share MY home WITH…my husband a DC physician and a 100 lb. Golden Retriever mix called Barry.

THE best DAY INCLUDES…Georgetown Cupcakes and champagne.

MY FAVORITE color COMBO…mixes miscellaneous shades that gray and white.

MY FAVORITE thing IN mine HOME…is an army green distressed hutch and my stainless stole desks.

MOST world ASK ME…if I’m regarded DC news anchor Derek McGinty. (He’s mine brother-in-law.)

I OBSESS OVER…everything design- furniture, interiors, finishes, and also accessories.

What do you choose most around living in Washington, DC? Many things, ns love the diversity, solid sense the community, the solid reverence to historic preservation and overall I simply love the energy in DC.

What is her favorite past time? My favorite previous time is traveling. Ns am a regular traveler. I have actually explored countless international destinations consisting of London, brand-new Zealand, Nigeria, France, Italy, Costa Rica, Jamaica, Bahamas, Mexico, St. Martin, St. Thomas and also in the states my husband and also I invest a the majority of time in Atlanta, brand-new York and Naples, FL. In addition to traveling I reap exploring brand-new DC restaurants and bike rides in rock Creek Park.

What led you come a career in genuine estate? After graduating with a degree in Sociology from Clark Atlanta University, I obtained my actual estate license and quickly realized that I had a knack because that sales, marketing and also building trusting relationships. I had actually ignited v such a enthusiasm for real estate the I decided to pursue it full-time.

What is her proudest genuine estate accomplishment? I think I have three. First, i am license is granted broker in 5 states- DC, Georgia, phibìc Carolina, southern Carolina and also Louisiana. Second, close up door on a significant commercial condo conversion deal in Atlanta, a 200+ unit apartment community. 3rd would it is in in referral to mine previous brokerage. I started and managed one Atlanta based genuine estate brokerage that became the biggest African American own residential real estate brokerage in the country.

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How did you go from the largest African American owned genuine estate brokerage based in Atlanta to Ash McGinty & Co., your present boutique DC real estate brokerage?My ahead brokerage to be based in Atlanta. The heavy work travel and also time meeting eventually started to interfere with household responsibilities in Washington, DC. Return it to be exciting creating a multi-state brokerage to thrive to well over 500 agents, i missed and also prefer the customer interaction that a tiny boutique brokerage offers. I also prefer functioning with smaller sized teams. With many of my work-related now concentrated in DC, it’s likewise a plus the I deserve to have dinner through my husband every night!

What perform like most about your community? I live in a little quaint ar in upper NW DC. I love the serenity the most. In Washington, DC, many human being associate life in a solitary family (detached) home with a garage and also a large yard through living in Maryland or Virginia, yet I actually live in DC. I have actually the ideal of both worlds I love it!

What is her favorite book? I love to read both for business and an individual growth. ~ above average, I read at the very least 3 publications per month. However, I would say my favorite publication is ‘The power of positive Thinking‘ by Dr. Norman Vincent Peale.

Who is your favorite musical artist? I enjoy numerous genres that music including jazz, R&B, hip-hop, different and classical. However if i absolutely had to select it would certainly be the incomparable Toni Braxton! I have been a pan for years and she has a DMV/Atlanta link like me!