Despite his choice defeat, president Donald Trump have the right to boast a success that has actually intrigued pollsters - he was more popular through ethnic minority voters 보다 in 2016.

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Some might find this surprising given that his doubters so accused that of racism and also Islamophobia. Trump card denies the charges and has accused democrats of taking African Americans voter for granted.

The Republican president acquired six portion points amongst black men, and five portion points among Hispanic women. It way some voters adjusted their minds, after ~ either no voting or vote for another candidate in 2016.


"I to be definitely more liberal cultivation up - my grandmother was big in the civil civil liberties movement below in Texas throughout the 60s, and also I thrived up v that ideology."

Mateo Mokarzel, 40, is a graduate student from Houston, Texas and is of mixed heritage, Mexican and Lebanese. The didn't vote in 2016, and he isn't loyal to either major party - yet this time approximately he decided to actors his poll for the Republicans.

"The very first time trump card ran ns really wasn't convinced. I just thought, here's this celebrity talk-show host guy that desires to operation for president, ns didn't take him serious - so ns was not a Trump support the an initial time the ran. To it is in honest, I thought he was a ringer because that Hillary, for this reason I just wasn't interested," he speak News.

"People forget that Texas offered to it is in a blue state," the says. "The blue below wasn't choose the ideology system progressives that we think the now. Lock were an ext the old-school 'southern Democrats' - an extremely racist, very intolerant. So, it was a completely different party, and I had experiences farming up that a lot of racism."

Mokarzel brushes off accusations that racism levelled at the president. Instead, he states he was attracted through Trump's isolationist foreign policy and economic policies.

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"He really delivered on his anti-globalisation policy," the says. "Neoliberal development has yes, really hurt both Mexico and also the US, and also when you have family that live there, and you can see just how it's hurt world living, your jobs, your wages, the really has actually increased the narco-war, and this is among the things Trump came in saying - 'hey, we're going to tear apart these profession deals' - and then he actually did it. That was because that me the very first sign that he in reality meant few of the things he to be saying."

Mokarzel's wife Lily, a teacher, first-generation Mexican-American and also a trump card supporter, adds the she voted because that him for economic reasons - "our salaries have increased" - and also because she likes his "genuine self", regardless of colleagues and also her union supporting Biden.

"The way I've been seeing the attacked, the lies," she says. "I never used to vote, because I never felt my poll counted… and also I feeling like, since Trump has been in office our lives have improved."