is a niche dating website designed to aid bring black singles together, even if it is they’re trying to find friendship or something an ext serious.

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The website is aimed towards African-Americans however anyone deserve to join and be welcomed right into the community. It’s design to it is in a yes, really safe method to meet and also match, and also the website has safety at the forefront of that is priorities.

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Member structure

95% the users are African-American but there is a diverse community of ethnic members and races on BlackPeopleMeet.

Members: as the site is based in the US and also Canada, many members come indigenous these two countries. 900,000 that BlackPeopleMeet members space from the US.Member activity: 30,000 members are active weekly. The site gets 4.5 million visits per month worldwide and 4.3 million indigenous the united state per month.Gender ratio: 55% Male and also 45% Female

How go BlackPeopleMeet work?

Once signed up, you get sent 11 featured matches every day. But aside from her matches, you’re free to browse v members together you choose. Girlfriend can call whoever you favor the look of (with a payment membership) and likewise play games and also use the features, which all assist you to discover like-minded singles. authorize up process

How to join BlackPeopleMeet? It’s basic to sign up. You just put in a few basic details and also create a username and password. You’ll then have the possibility to add some words around yourself that all individuals will have the ability to see. You can then upload as much as 30 photos or import them from Facebook.

Ease the use

Once you’ve navigated approximately the website a couple of times, you’ll find the website really basic to use. You just need to browse v profiles making use of the filters, yet it’s a really intuitive website.

BlackPeopleMeet chat and also messages

You can only blog post with a membership, yet once signed up you can send flirts and use the chat feature. You’ll additionally be able to use ConnectMe, which allows you to contact members without giving out your phone number. There room pre-loaded inquiries that you deserve to ask other members too. If you have a cost-free membership, you can use flirts come let singles recognize you’re interested.

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Profile high quality on

Profiles room generally an extremely detailed. They deserve to be customised with in-depth answers and information about your likes and also dislikes, and also you can add up come 30 photos to really provide a feel for that you are and what you’re about.

A the majority of members leave their profiles blank though, as it’s not mandatory to to fill in every the details – which is a shame.

BlackPeopleMeet app for Android and also iPhone

The application is totally free to download and also on it, girlfriend can connect with black singles near you today. has developed one that the largest neighborhoods of African-American singles in search of love, relationships, dates and also hookups.

The application is totally free to:

View profiles v photos and also profile infoAre girlfriend Interested, wherein you deserve to swipe to fulfill black singlesKeep monitor of who’s looking in ~ your virtual profileView and likewise rate your daily Matches

With a subscription you have the right to unlock even much more online features:

Send and receive emailsSee that is interested in youKnow once your message has been readHighlight her profile in find & Inbox

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BlackPeopleMeet reviews

Don’t look because that perfection. Once I an initial saw mine husband ~ above BPM, the wasn’t love at very first site. However we exchanged “picture likes,” talked on the phone and also then we met. The turned out the be the sweetest guy I have ever before met. We will certainly be married in 11 days and I to be so happy. If I could have satellite down and also written specifically what i wanted, I can not have done far better than what God has actually done. Thank you God and also BPM! From

Key attributes on

I’m interested. This is a game that users have the right to play. You’ll receive an easy information and photo from a user, and also you have the right to swipe left or right based on whether you’re interested in castle or not.

Who carry out you like? This is another fun video game where you’re presented through two different users and also you can pick which one you choose best. If you don’t choose either, simply skip and also you’ll it is in shown new singles.

Astrology report. You have the right to view one Astrology Compatibility Report for any kind of user, to see how you enhance up based upon what the stars are saying.

Special features

You deserve to buy tokens to accessibility premium features, favor the following:

Virtual gifts. You deserve to use her tokens come buy and send virtual gifts to the civilization you like, favor flowers or a toy.

ProfilePro. This is a professional writing service that can assist you develop the copy on your profile.

PromoteMe. You deserve to send you yourself to the top of the searches v this feature.

ConnectMe. If you’d prefer to offer a potential complement a call, BlackPeopleMeet will offer you a disposable phone call number therefore you can keep yours a secret.

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Is BlackPeopleMeet safe?

On your homepage, BlackPeopleMeet automatically gives handy ideas to store yourself safe if you’re meeting people offline. They additionally have a page committed to safe-dating tips, i beg your pardon holds a wide range of information on just how to save yourself safeguarded online – including exactly how to save your personal details secure.

You deserve to report any kind of suspicious profiles to their team, too. However, BlackPeopleMeet renders no attempt to screen or verify file however, therefore you should be careful when talk to digital users and also follow your tips to store yourself safe.

How lot does BlackPeopleMeet cost?

What space the prices because that membership? there are only two tiers of member on BlackPeopleMeet and also if you want to authorize up for a paid membership you have the right to test the totally free trial first. Pricing starts at $16.75 every month and can be more affordable if you purchase a long-term arrangement instead of payment on a month-to-month-basis.

All memberships space paid in one lump sum. Your profile is additionally automatically set to renew as soon as your subscription ends. This is done to defend you from any future organization rises and also to stop any type of interruption to your profile. You can remove auto regeneration from her account at any time through the account settings.

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Subscription offers the following added features:

You can read and also send messages to various other users.You can view who’s included you as a favourite profile.See who’s liked your profile.You can view videos.Use the chatroom.