Use this dining guide* to assistance’s Black-owned restaurants and also experience why represents LOVE.

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*This perform is not expected to be comprehensive, however to highlight a couple of of the restaurants that assist make a beautiful and also inclusive place.

Love Local: Regionally-Focused Black-Owned company Websites 

There are over 60 Black-owned restaurants within Richmond that space highlighted ~ above the Visit BLK RVA website, which additionally features arts & society sites, boutique shops, attractions, health & health businesses, sports and recreation, and tours. For a closer look at Black-owned dining options, inspect out the Richmond black Restaurant Experience, which additionally hosts a bi-annual black Restaurant Week. 


Mama J’s Restaurant

The Hampton roadways region’s Buy black color Hampton Roads website breaks under Black-owned business categories right into restaurants, retail, and events, as well as local Black background attractions and sites. Another source for coastal is The Craving’s Queen Black-Owned Restaurants in the 757 article.

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Northern’s black color Chamber the Commerce showcases Black-owned eateries, to buy venues, automotive repair shops, building companies, to chat businesses, gaue won services, health & well-being organizations, legit services, and also more.

The Downtown Lynchburg Association recently shared an article around Black-owned restaurants, bakeries, shops, health centers, and salons in downtown Lynchburg, talking v the owner to share all the the businesses have to offer both locals and also visitors. 

Visit Charlottesville put together an article on the Black-owned restaurants in the Charlottesville area, and The Charlottesville 29 has likewise compiled their own list. 



Croaker’s Spot


Urban hang Suite


Cre8tive works Café and Art Gallery, Surry