san Antonio might be filled through a wide-variety that cuisines, but there"s tho a require for diversity in terms of folks who run the restaurants and bars here in the Alamo City. From southern fare and also Jamaican bites to also a vegetables spot, here are the neighborhood restaurants and much more owned by black color men and also women.

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Chatman"s Chicken1747 S WW White Road, (210) 359-0245For few of the best fried chicken in san Antonio, head come this concealed gem the gets the right. Owner Eddie Chatman can take all the credit transaction for these authentic bites, seasoned come perfection (choose native original, lemon pepper or warm & spicy) and also served crunchy. This little joint package in large flavors with sides favor fries, macaroni "n" cheese, okra, collard greens and also poppers to surname a few. For that all-around goodness, complete your meal v a sweet potato pie that will put you in your happy place.Photo via Instagram / s.a.tisfied

Mr. And Mrs. G’s house Cooking
2222 S WW White Road, (210) 359-0002William and also Addie Gardner, better known as Mr. And also Mrs. G, blessed us as soon as they opened their restaurant way back in 1990. Because then, locals have actually been may be to obtain a taste of properly-made, authentic heart food – native fried chicken and black-eyed peas to plenty that desserts favor banana pudding and also peach cobbler. Mr. And also Mrs. G’s power extends even further than the Alamo City, through the eatery gaining national attention with nods native USA Today. Addie passed away in September 2017.Photo via Instagram / jesselizarraras

The southern Chicken & Waffles
Multiple locations, thesouthsa.comPrized because that its chicken and also waffles (duh) accessible with the initial waffle or red velvet, The South has actually been offer up this goodness since its first location opened in 2017. You can thank owner Joshua environment-friendly for such deliciousness. Chicken lovers on-the-go can also score the very same bites in ~ the “express” location, which opened up in 2018. The menu showcases various other Southern treats together as orleans oxtail grillades and also a range of grits pairings.Photo via Instagram / foodiefeng

The Jerk Shack
117 Matyear St, (210) 776-7780, together an artisan Caribbean restaurant, the Jerk Shack has lugged a small diversity come the city’s food landscape on the West Side. Husband-and-wife team Cornelius and Lattoia Massey an initial dabbled in catering and also meal-prep prior to opening up Jerk Shack, a nod to Lattoia’s aboriginal homeland of Jamaica. In addition to sous cook Imani Peterson, the Masseys make every one of the grub from scratch. Yes, consisting of all the sauces.Photo via Instagram / thejerkshacksatx

The huge Bib BBQ
104 Lanark Dr, (210) 654-8400, thebigbib.comOwner Stanley Shropshire knows barbecue. Take it the big Bib as proof. V a place in north mountain Antonio and also another at Stinson Airport, this "cue spot keeps it genuine with acting meats and sides come match. Consider lunch the perfect time come visit v generous specials available daily, but you"re an ext than welcome to prevent by for your deal with of meat whenever you please. Stanley will certainly surely give thanks to you.Photo via Instagram / atif
Mrs. Kitchen spirit Food Restaurant & Bakery
2242 E business St, (210) 549-4392, mrskitchensa.comMrs. Kitchen might evoke the imagery that a kind old woman cooking up a feast, yet the east Side gem is in reality owned by chief Garlan L. McPherson. Heading the restaurant and bakery, McPherson got his love for food preparation from his grandmother as well as by city hall other family members in the kitchen. Farming up in Denver Heights, the chef this particular day serves in his very own community, though all are welcome to enjoy such delicious and authentic bites.Photo via Instagram / s.a.vory
Wayne’s Wings
4453 Walzem Road, (210) 300-3891, wayneswingssa.comSomehow still a surprise gem (it honestly deserves so much more praise), Wayne’s wings reminds us that wings are a blessing. Owner Dwayne Price has perfected the marinated wing, complete with thick, fresh coating and also a selection of ambitious sauces the score and also dry rubs that hit the spot. Do yourself a solid and order the Rainbow Basket for this reason you can mix and also match flavors for her 13 wings to obtain a taste that what all the fuss is about.Photo via Instagram / sarahtakesabite
Loop 107 Burgers, Bakery and More
11505 Loop 107, Adkins, (210) 649-2300, loop107burgers.comIf you uncover yourself all the method out in Adkins, perform yourself a solid and also stop in at Loop 107 because that some an excellent grub. Own by Trina Hayes-Davis, the eatery serves up "country dining at its finest" through items like burgers and other American bites. Regulars will certainly tell girlfriend to try the onion rings or among the fried pies, and you open minded can"t walk wrong v either one. Even if you"re no in the area, this Far eastern Side spot will certainly surely meet your hunger.Photo via Instagram / loop107burgers
Tony G’s soul Food
915 southern Hackberry, (210) 451-1234, tonygssoulfood.comTony Gradney make the right choice to retiree from regulation enforcement. The is, due to the fact that it carried San Antonio Tony G’s spirit Food. With the vision to open an eatery that would certainly serve the city’s east Side, a neglected neighborhood in the Alamo City, Gradney made the a suggest to offer not only an excellent food but also superior service. That’s why friend can find buttery fried chicken and also sweet-as-heck cherry and grape Kool-Aid when you avoid by. And with the motto “Every job Is like Sunday,” girlfriend can discover a proper brunch spread with live music and also bottomless mimosas come match.Photo via Instagram / sariverwalkfun
Tank’s Pizza
902 N new Braunfels Ave, (210) 320-9224, tanks.pizzaWith focus on freshly-made dough, Tank’s Pizza simply gets that right. The credit goes come chef and also owner Mike Brown, who renders the dough himself, and also the sauces and sausage. Despite it supplies the coziness the a neighborhood pizzeria, Tank’s is worth the drive across town for the dough the course, and also the house-made herb-infused olive oil and also fresh ingredients. Come taste the ideal of Tank’s, go for the calzone – however you favor it.Photo via Instagram / tankspizza
Nelson’s BBQ
7327 N Loop 1604 E, (210) 473-4988, regarded as one of the top restaurants in mountain Antonio according to Yelp, Nelson’s BBQ keeps san Antonians salivating through finger-lickin’-good barbecue. Simply look at the Nasty Nate, displayed here, and shot not to it is in hungry. Owner Nathaniel Nelson may simply operate the end of the food truck 3 days out of the week, however it’s enough to make an influence and have us constantly craving this meaty goodness. (Note: Nelson’s BBQ is at this time closed because of being damaged into on new Year’s Eve, but is intended to reopen soon.)Photo via Instagram / nelsonsbbq
Williams Confectionery Crafts
12107 Toepperwein Rd # 5A, Live Oak, (210) 967-5200Live Oak have the right to mean quite a drive for many locals, yet it"s worth it to dine at Williams Confectionary Crafts. Through breakfast, lunch and also dessert choices that truly taste prefer your mother or granny made it, owner Joyce Williams keeps the really homemade bites coming due to the fact that its 2006 opening. You"ll feel best at home right here with these too-delicious servings and of course Williams" care.Photo via Instagram / greenrodney_
Jamaica Jamaica Cuisine
2026 Austin Hwy, (210) 590-0515, jamaicajamaicacuisine.comOwners Dee and also Angelo flourished up v a Jamaican lifestyle and also graciously wanted to re-publishing that experience with their adopted hometown, the Alamo City. Offering authentic fare and the “fun” of the islands,” Jamaica Jamaica lets you reap bites like jerk chicken when appreciating the culture. Go for a classic plate favor the oxtail or walk for a san Antonio twist choose the jerk tacos.Photo via Instagram / jamaicajamaicacuisine
walk Vegan mountain Antonio
14530 Roadrunner Way, (210) 729-5400, govegansa.comAlong through wife Tara, Akeem finest has to be letting mountain Antonians enjoy vegan-friendly bites that will have actually you wondering exactly how it’s no the genuine thing. After he and his family embraced a vegan lifestyle, Akeem opened a food van specializing in vegan twisted on mac ‘n’ cheese and chicken & waffles. Do fresh through plant-based products and also natural ingredients, think about Go vegan your best bet to supporting this biracial family and also eat tasty, yet healthy and balanced bites while doing so.Photo via Instagram / govegansa
Mr. A Ok’s Kitchen
4403 Rittiman Road, (210) 642-4181, mraokskitchen.comChef Steven Harris has actually been energetic in SA’s food step for much more than 2 decades, and also opened his restaurant in June 2018. Influenced to come to be a chef after seeing his mother and grandmother do from-scratch southern fare, Harris now brings the cuisine to san Antonians through Mr. A Ok’s Kitchen, named after his late father. Expect the standards or walk for other new, like the Grilled Cheese Meatloaf.Photo via Instagram / ang_e210
Mark’s Outing
1624 E commerce St, (210) 299-8110, marksouting.comMark Outing has actually been part of SA’s food scene for more than a decade, most notably due to the fact that 2005 once he debuted Fatty’s Burgers and More. Today, fans can enjoy the Fatty’s burger, paired through his famous beans, in ~ Mark’s Outing. If not to gain tasty bites, dining in ~ the eastern Side facility support Outing himself, who is all about community outreach through being energetic in his church and also an official sponsor for the U.S. Military All-American Bowl.Photo via Instagram / marksouting
cook Don’s Catering
1630 E Houston St, (210) 861-3296, chefdonscatering.comChef Donald Mitchell has actually been serving mountain Antonians due to the fact that the 1992 opening of Diehard Catering, now known as chef Don’s Catering. Despite he doesn’t occupational out the a brick-and-mortar that you deserve to stop by anytime, chef Don’s bites allows you enjoy a range of cuisines for both formal and chill events. Not just are dishes presented creatively, lock are likewise made from scratch.Photo via facebook / chef Don’s Catering
OnLive hall of call Cafe
2404 E Houston St, (210) 227-3263, owners Joe and also April Ward’s OnLive room of Fame cafe is still brand-new in SA’s food scene, however the restaurant make a splash ~ footage shown that ghosts to be haunting the space. The eerie evidence was so convincing that the pair even closed up shop temporarily and even invite locals to spend the night in the haunted east Side spot. Besides ghosts, the retro-inspired diner offer up classic hamburgers and shakes.Photo via Yelp / April W.
Carmens De La Calle
320 N Flores St, (210) 281-4349, carmensdelacalle.comCarmens De La Calle might be the epitome of Spanish culture, but the venue is actually owned by a black color woman named Paula Sullivan. After year on the St. Mary’s Strip, the bar moved downtown in so late 2014 after being closed because that a year and also has flourished ever because with Sullivan in ~ the helm. With assistance from the heart of downtown, Carmens serves globally-inspired dishes and hosts live musician regularly.Photo via Instagram / abbeydominion

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Chatman"s Chicken
1747 S WW White Road, (210) 359-0245For several of the ideal fried chicken in mountain Antonio, head to this hidden gem that gets it right. Owner Eddie Chatman have the right to take all the credit for this authentic bites, seasoned to perfection (choose native original, lemon pepper or hot & spicy) and also served crunchy. This tiny joint package in huge flavors with sides favor fries, macaroni "n" cheese, okra, collard greens and also poppers to name a few. For the all-around goodness, complete your meal v a sweet potato pie the will put you in her happy place.Photo via Instagram / s.a.tisfied