Showing up for black color businesses is among the ways we can support areas struggling throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and ongoing protests end racial tensions. Instagram user
kat_longlastname is helping determine eateries in ras Vegas that are Black-owned so us have much more awareness of wherein our dollars room going. So even if it is you’re a tourist or a local, these spots should be on your radar.

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For locations we are missing, please drop a comment or email. We will certainly be updating this perform frequently. 

Lolo’s Chicken & Waffles

1100 N Martin l King BlvdLas Vegas, NV 89106-2864(702) 444-0696

Annie’s Kitchen

Bill Thompson and his wife Annie have actually been serving delicious, affordable meals the end of their brick and also mortar because that 13 years. Annie’s Kitchen is among the few remaining businesses on the block, yet Bill doesn’t plan on walk anywhere.

1212 D StreetLas Vegas, NV(702) 638-2010

Soul Food Cafe

Soul Food Cafe specialization in “fried catfish, chicken, oxtails, biscuits and also gravy, and so plenty of more.

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They additionally grill red snapper, pork chops, chicken, and also catfish.

7320 S Rainbow Blvd #112Las Vegas, NV 89139(702) 707-0967

Fish Cage

A seafood restaurant offering an assortment that fried fish, oysters, gumbo, and also a “Crab boil Box.”

3940 martin Luther KingNorth las Vegas, Nevada 89032(702) 586-1400

Pandoras Burgers

3131 W. Craig Rd Suite 110North ras Vegas, Nevada 89032(702) 636-9859