With the month of respectable being national Black organization Month, we couldn’t wait come share some of Virginia Beach’s Black-owned businesses and also restaurants v you. These spots are a column of our coastal city and also a must-visit when you’re here. 

All great Granola Bars



Owned by a certified personal trainer and also home imminent enthusiast, Bryan Daniels, All an excellent Granola Bars started after he listed his imminent resulted in substantial leftover grain, i beg your pardon “smelled too good” to litter away. He climate realized those grains might be used to produce granola bars and also began collecting leftover serial from breweries in Virginia Beach’s growing craft brewery scene and converting them right into “delicious, healthy snacks.” ingredients may include the likes the cranberries and almonds, and choices bear together catchy names together Pumpkin summer sprouts Oktoberfest.

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Chef Skip 757



chefskipsk8house, Instagram

There are a million reasons to visit this spot in the Inland ar of Virginia Beach, but when you’re in search of an unbeatable sandwich, watch no further. From shrimp and oyster Po Boys, come mouthwatering Phillys, this spot has what you need.


Cobalt Grill


cobaltgrillevb, Instagram

Contemporary well dining and also some the the freshest seafood around, it’s tough to go wrong with anything at this locally owned restaurant. Through a robust wine and cocktail menu, and delicious tiny plates selection, this is a good place for any special occasion or for simply celebrating a night that vacation. 


Crabby Calis



crabbycalis, Instagram

As their surname suggests, Crabby Cali’s is all around seafood. So, probably it’s no surprise that one of our favorite points on the food selection is the seafood platter. Through whiting, Jumbo Shrimp, oysters and also a crab cake, as well as fried and also hush puppies, this has every little thing you can want, all cooked to perfection. 


CLTR. | vegan Joint



cltrevgn, Instagram

Located in the Inland District, CLTR is serving in your ar roasted single-origin coffee and sustainably sourced loose-leaf teas alongside smoothies and also plant-based small bites, including vegan baked goods and vegan sweet and also savory waffles. They sell a wide variety of plant-based milks for warm drinks, as well.


The Dapper Luq Men's clothes Designer



dapperluq, Instagram

The Dapper Luq was began in 2019 by Luqman Haskett as a means to share his love and also passion for style with young men. His practice suit line is focused on bringing unique shade suits and styles in the most convenient means possible. Select from thousands of customizations, acquire measured digital or in person, and also receive your tradition suit within only a few weeks.


Desmond’s Island soul Grill



desmondsislandsoulgrill, Instagram

Desmond’s Island heart Grill supplies Guyanese-Influenced vegan Caribbean food and, if the sounds enticing, wait until you try it. With offerings favor jackfruit stew, jerk mushrooms, eggplant curry, pumpkin curry, and also guava lentil balls, we’re sure this is unequal anything you’ve ever before tried before.


Divine Scentervention



divine_scentervention, Instagram

Divine Scentervention offers handcrafted hand-poured candle that have actually been cured because that a minimum the one week. The candles and melts room tested come make certain the scents space not harsh and to inspect the burn time. All candles are guaranteed to last at the very least 72 hours if not more.  


Happy Cafe



happycafevab, Instagram

Happy Cafe seeks to encourage good conversation with communal seating and also delicious food. With good vegan options, mouthwatering sandwiches (chicken fajita grilled cheese, anyone?), and a vast menu of fresh-made food, this ar is a true hidden gem.


J&K format Grill



jkstylegrill, Instagram

While this small, neighborhood joint in inland Va coast is offer out some mouthwatering dishes choose their famous wings, voted as the ideal Wings in Virginia Beach, they’re main claim to fame is the waffle burger, i m sorry is precisely what it sounds like. This burger, with a 6oz. Angus beef patty, bacon, grilled onions and also a fried egg is served between two fluffy belgian-style waffles, and also plays a delicious ode come breakfast with every bite. This is other you simply need to try.


Less Than



golessthan, Instagram

Less than is a zero waste and also refill shop supplying sustainable choices to daily goods that are healthy and balanced for you and also for our planet. Through a emphasis on eco-friendly commodities made from herbal ingredients the are cost-free from harsh, fabricated chemicals from machines who room environmentally aware, less Than products come one of two people without packaging, or in packaging that is recycled, recyclable, compostable or biodegradable. 

Their refill station offers dry and liquid goods such together shampoo and also conditioner, hand and dish soap, face and body lotion, laundry detergent and also pods, toothpaste tablets, candle refills, etc. Guest are encouraged to carry their own container, to sweet them, fill them, re-weigh them and pay through the oz to minimization the discarding that containers as you would certainly at a classic store.


Mesob Cafe



yelpcoastalva & Sharon C via Yelp, Instagram

With a food selection of Ethiopian and Eritrean cooking using only the freshest, never-frozen ingredients, the plates right here are as delicious together they space beautiful and colorful. Served in an Ethiopian atmosphere, this is an experience we can’t introduce enough.


Misty reign Bath Co.



mistyreignbathco, Instagram

This family-owned and also operated company makes handmade body soaps, butters, and oils that are all cost-free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates, and artificial dyes. From bathtub bombs come diffusers and warmers, Misty power is a perfect local one-stop-shop because that all things self-care.


Montego Island Grill



montego_caribbean, Instagram

This funky fixture has been a local staple for nearly 15 years, and also it's basic to phone call why. Through a food selection of island-style carribean dishes, favor brown stew snapper, callaloo and saltfish, and also jerk chicken quarter, this is certainly worth visiting much more than once.


Nona’s Italian Kitchen



nonasitaliankitchen, Instagram

While Nona’s uses a substantial menu the options, us think friend can’t leave right here without trying one of her pizzas and, obviously, a next of she freshly-made garlic knots. If it may be blasphemy to some, we’re huge fans that dipping our za in ranch dressing, i m sorry is also homemade here!


Philly Cold Cuts



phillycoldcuts, Instagram

With 2 Virginia coast locations, philadelph Cold Cuts has you covered almost everywhere town. And, with their mouth-watering, fresh-made cheesesteaks, hoagies, burgers, and salads, that’s certainly a great thing, trust us on this one.

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Smoothie prevent Café



smoothiestop757, Instagram

Smoothie Stop supplies a huge lineup that healthy, new options. This family-owned business was inspired by among the owners 105-year-old grandmother, and that love is present in every sip. With healthy and balanced smoothies, cold pressed juices, decoding plans, and wraps and salads, Smoothie stop is as an excellent as that is because that you.


Twin Tiger ice cream Cream and also Funnel Cake Café



chewyafood, Instagram

If you’ve never had actually a fresh, piping warm funnel cake, topped through a healthy and balanced scoop or two of ice cream cream, friend are lacking out. Luckily, twin Tiger has precisely what friend need, in an atmosphere the totality family will certainly enjoy. 





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