After hearing about a woman attempting to begin a sex-strike in Chicago, ultimately based on the ancient Greek pat Lysistrata, to end the total violence, we assumed it would certainly be great to dig into the number a little bit. Us wish we hadn't.

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Simply put, Chicago has actually a massive Black-on-Black killing problem. Every one of the data listed below comes from the Chicago Police Department. Girlfriend can accessibility it here.

In 2011, the recent data officially exit by the Chicago Police, there were 433 homicides. That these, just 128 (29%) had actually a equivalent prosecution.


83.4% of deaths were from shootings, 6.7% stabbings, and 6.5% assaults. That the 362 firearm homicides, 351 (97%) were from handguns. 77% of all homicide victims had actually a front arrest history. Victims to be 90% male.

Victims by Age:


Victims through Race:


What stands the end the many looking in ~ both charts and also knowing the 90% the the victims are male is the a the majority of young, Black men are being killed in Chicago. No gyeongju comes even close to as whole deaths by homicide. Keep in mental that based on 2010 Census numbers, just 33% the Chicago's population was classified as Black.


In 2011, there to be 140 convicted offenders for the 128 victims with an connected prosecution. Over there were more offenders than victims because 10.7% the homicides had two offenders and also 10.0% had three or an ext offenders convicted. 87% of every offenders had a prior arrest history. Offenders to be 88% male.

Offenders through Age:


Offenders by Race:


The data on offenders additionally tells a troubling story: Young, black color males room overwhelmingly committing most of the murders. Based upon the data on the victims, that way young, black males are primarily killing various other young, black color males. What a terrible situation.

Now, us can and also should debate about the causes, yet let us simply say that it’s difficult to believe that racism is the root of it. Yes, some will argue the systemic racism trap Blacks in poverty, however does that define why Blacks would certainly seem to target other Blacks with such overwhelming violence and also frequency compared to any type of other race? furthermore on the gyeongju issue, it’s exciting to keep in mind that the hispanics seem to in reality murder an ext than they are murdered, while both Whites and Blacks are undoubtedly murdered much more than they murder.

Looking at the troubling statistics, is the reasonable to it is in reminded of Don Lemon's (a Black, CNN anchor) somewhat famous and also controversial comments during the George Zimmerman acquittal in 2013:

"'Black people,' Lemon said, 'if friend really want to solve the problem, here's just 5 things the you should think about doing.'

The No. 1 article on that list -- 'and probably the most important,' he said -- had to execute with out-of-wedlock births.

'Just because you can have a baby, it doesn't average you should,' Lemon said. 'Especially there is no planning for one or gaining married first. Much more than 72 percent of kids in the African-American neighborhood are born the end of wedlock. That way absent fathers. And the studies present that lack of a male role model is an express train right to prison and the cycle continues.'"

What Lemon describes is a culture problem. It's no that over there isn't culture, it's even if it is or no it is the kind that important promotes human flourishing. Watching videos prefer the one below, our hearts go out to any type of mom or dad (hopefully, both) trying to raise a child ideal in such carnage.


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