(February 26, 2019) – Jesse Russell to be a pioneer in the field of cellular and wireless communications. In 1988, he led the first team indigenous Bell Laboratories to present digital cellular technology in the joined States.

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This to be 15 years after the an initial mobile phone speak to was made. But when that speak to was placed, it to be over an analog system, and what Russell’s team go was develop the modern technology that revolutionized communications. Utilizing digital technology, that was referred to as “2G” because that the “second generation” the mobile phone systems.

According come the HistoryMakers* website, prior to Russell led the Bell Labs team, that made his note in various other ways. The earned a bachelor’s the science degree in electrical engineering from Tennessee State University. Russell became the first African American to be hired directly from a Historically black color College and University (HBCU) by at&t Bell Laboratories. The adhering to year, he completed his master’s in electric engineering in ~ Stanford University.

Russell never slowed down. He climbed through the ranks at the company. Russell operated as Vice chairman of advanced Communications Technologies, Vice chairman of progressed Wireless technology Laboratory, and Chief Wireless Architect of AT&T, among other positions. He’s currently CEO the incNETWORKS, a company working in 4G broadband wireless communications.

Russell likewise patented dozens of developments in wireless technology, consisting of base station tech, i m sorry transmits radio tide signals to and also from cell phone devices. His patents include: “Base terminal for mobile Radio Telecommunications Systems” (1992), the “Mobile Data Telephone” (1993), and also the “Wireless interaction Base Station” (1998).

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Russell’s various other Accomplishments:

1980: obtained the exceptional Young Electrical and Computer engineer of the Year compensation from Eta Kappa Nuand1992: called the U.S. Black color Engineer that the Year because that the finest technical contributions in digital cellular and microcellular technology1995: Inducted into the national Academy the EngineeringHe is a other of the institute of Electrical and also Electronics designers Inc.Served as a board of manager Advisor because that the Telecommunications industry Association (TIA)

*About The HistoryMakers: through recording, preserving and sharing the life story of thousands of African Americans, from chairman Barack Obama come the earliest living black color cowboy, The HistoryMakers is a leader in help to educate and enlighten millions global through refashioning a an ext inclusive record of American history. To learn about the contributions of afri Americans, visit the website in ~ http://www.thehistorymakers.org/.

Source: http://www.thehistorymakers.org/biography/jesse-russell-sr

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