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black color Lives issue protester Mercutio Southall Sr."s thoughts together he to be at the bottom of a pile, allegedly gift punched and also kicked through GOP frontrunner Donald Trump"s supporters at a rally in Birmingham, Alabama, critical month, to be simple.

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"I"m not around to dice today," he told INSIDER. "I have actually stuff to do."

Southall newly filed a official police report concerned the incident, which was filmed by a CNN reporter and also drew enough attention the Trump himself responded, telling Fox News, "Maybe heshould have actually been roughed up, due to the fact that it to be absolutely poisonous what he was doing."

Trump alsoretweeteda factually inaccurate crime statistic native a white nationalist group the following day, claiming, "81% of whites killed by blacks."

Southall claimed he must hear back on even if it is the occurrence will be investigated by the Birmingham Police Department together a hate crime in ~ the next few days.

In the video, Southall deserve to be seen struggling on the ground as a team of human being surround him. One man can be watched in a karate-type stance, backing far from the pile after appearing to have actually kicked Southall. Together Southall was being taken far from the event, civilization in the crowd could be heard chanting, "All resides matter. All resides matter."

"If anybody else was ever before confused about what "all resides matter" way at this point, it method "shut up n----r," " that said.

There have been numerous clashes between protesters and supporters at Trump rallies this fall, and Trump"s project recently exit a brand-new plan for just how supporters must alert defense of protesters there is no resorting to violence.

For Southall, his protest that November"s trumped rally in Birmingham will likely be his last.

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"I"m no really feeling choose protesting," the said. "The meaning of insanity is law the very same thing and expecting different results."

He wasn"t surprised by the emotion of Trump"s supporters towards him as soon as inside the rally, wherein he felt obviously unwelcome. However, the wasn"t at every expecting the altercation the ensued after the alleged a support slapped his friend phone out of his hand.

"I to be thinking around my children," that said. "I to be thinking around grab a foot, take an ankle, kick a knee. Ns was thinking, just trying come pull human being down. Ns was trying come push civilization off. I was fighting, man. Choose it to be a fight."

He ongoing "You"re exposed to racism top top a level the most human being don"t really get to see. It"s the most ethical racism that there is. We know exactly how it is here. The trumped supporters space the ugly truth, they"re no the beautiful lie. America is the beautiful lie, not the ugly truth."