Black Lives issue Cancels plan Rosedale shopping center ProtestThe group Black Lives matter is calling turn off a plan protest at the Rosedale mall Sunday afternoon.

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Protest for Philando Castile Underway In Mpls.' Loring ParkBlack Lives matter St. Paul and also the Minneapolis NAACP are holding a rally Saturday afternoon.

St. Paul Mayor: 'All Options' Open regarding BLM Crashed ice cream ProtestMayor kris Coleman has actually responded to black Lives issue St. Paul's plans to protest the Red Bull Crashed ice cream event. Red Bull Crashed Ice will take location February 26 and also 27 in between the Cathedral the St. Paul and the Xcel energy Center.

Black Lives matter St. Paul plan Protest in ~ Red Bull Crashed IceThe St. Paul chapter of black color Lives matter is plan a demonstration during Red Bull Crashed Ice later on in February.

Twin Cities black color Lives issue Leader to run For State LegislatureA guy who assisted organize black color Lives issue protests at the State Fair and also the Twin cities Marathon is currently running because that office. Rashad Turner announced his candidacy Saturday because that the state legislature.

Runners Brace for TC Marathon Protest by Black stays MatterAs black color Lives matter Minneapolis said consistently on Twitter that they are not responsible and have no role in the Sunday's protest the the Twin cities Marathon, Black resides Matters St. Paul offered a really different variation of what protesters plan to do.
Black Lives issue Plans Protest at Twin cities MarathonThe St. Paul chapter of black Lives matter plans to protest at the Twin urban Marathon. The team says it's planning on "shutting down" the 26.2-mile gyeongju on Oct. 4. The rally is designed come disrupt and bring awareness to recent events involving St. Paul police and also people that color.
Black Lives matter Plans Sunday light Rail Shutdown because that Vikes residence OpenerVikings pan heading to Sunday's house opener in ~ TCF financial institution Stadium may need come leave previously than they would like. The group Black Lives issue St. Paul is plan a protest which castle say will shut under the light rail. Organizers say subway Transit police violently arrested a 17-year-old black color teenager through autism last month.
Black Lives issue Protesting external Governor's ResidenceThe group Black Lives issue Saint Paul is planning to protest in ~ the Governor’s Mansion Tuesday. The team said they'll be in ~ the Governor's home at 5 p.m.
Full transcript: education and learning Secretary Miguel Cardona on "Face the Nation," January 2, 2022The adhering to is the complete transcript of one interview with education Secretary Miguel Cardona ~ above "Face the Nation" on January 2, 2022.
Gottlieb states Omicron shows up to it is in a "milder form" that COVID-19, yet pediatric peril remainsGottlieb also listed that places that have been tough hit beforehand by Omicron are as soon as "two weeks away from peaking, however the rest of the nation probably deals with a hard month ahead of us."
Gen. Steve Anderson top top the risk of January 6The retired brigadier basic reflects on defending our country from every enemies, foreign and domestic, including those who struck Congress and also support Trump's "Big Lie," plenty of of whom have ties come the U.S. Military.
Twitter suspends Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene's personal accountTwitter permanently suspended the an individual account that Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene on Sunday after the Georgia Republican tweeted a misleading chart about COVID-19. Her experienced account continues to be active.
Good deeds from a mother's loveAfter experiencing the loss of a child, Liam, a preemie who passed away at just 5 weeks, Mattie Mitchell has been the unseen hand behind an untold variety of joyful surprises in Nashville, Tennessee. In the 10 years because she created the nonprofit Liam adjusted the World, Mitchell has performed hundreds of an excellent deeds, each time reuniting in soul with she son. Steve Hartman reports.
CBS News poll: 68% that Americans watch January 6 together harbinger of enhancing violenceMore than two-thirds the Americans view January 6 as a harbinger of boosting political violence, not an secluded incident. CBS News elections and surveys director Anthony Salvanto join "Face the Nation" with an ext on the poll's findings.
Cheney says house January 6 dashboard "will not be deterred"Representative Liz Cheney, the angry chair of the house January 6 committee, said on "Face the Nation" the that panel "will no be deterred. In ~ the finish of the day, the facts matter and the truth matters."
Poll: A year after ~ Jan. 6, violence still seen threatening U.S. DemocracyThis is the first in a CBS News Elections and Polling collection studying the state that democracy.
Face The Nation: Cardona, Cheney, Pape, SchiffMissed the second fifty percent of the show? The recent reactions to and information top top the January 6 insurrection, one year later.

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Gottlieb claims Omicron shows up to it is in a "milder form" of COVID-19, however pediatric risk remainsFormer FDA commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb speak "Face the Nation" the while the Omicron variant appears to be a "milder type of the coronavirus," i m sorry is an excellent news for most Americans but dangers remain for kids.