When a person has black mucus, lock may have inhaled potentially harmful pollutants. Or, they can have an underlying epidemic or condition.

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Mucus serves crucial purpose in the nasal passages and other cavities throughout the body. It helps protect against infection and harm from foreign objects. Mucus also helps lubricate this passages and cavities.

During an illness, mucus frequently builds up in the nasal passages and also a person can usually punch it the end or wipe it away.

Phlegm, i beg your pardon the lungs produce, is very comparable to mucus and may additionally indicate a health issue. A person will frequently cough up phlegm when viruses, bacteria, or undesirable — maybe cancerous — cell are current in the lungs.

Clear or light-colored mucus regularly does not show a serious health and wellness problem, yet when a person has black mucus or phlegm, they must see a medical professional as shortly as possible.

Though black color phlegm is not always a cause for concern, it might be a authorize of lung cancer or exposure come a pollutant. Figuring the end the cause will aid the doctor recommend the best course that treatment.

Keep analysis for an ext information about what can cause black rubber or phlegm and also ways to treat it.

Share on PinterestAir contamination can reason black or dark mucus.
Air pollutants, consisting of particles of dirt or industrial chemicals, can reason dark mucus and phlegm.

People who live in or visit locations with high wait pollution may experience black color or dark mucus and also phlegm.

Sometimes, coal miners build a problem called pneumoconiosis ~ exposure to charcoal dust and also other wait pollutants in the mines. Other job-related hazards encompass exposure come silica and asbestos.

In general, as soon as a human leaves an area of hefty pollution, their mucus and also phlegm go back to a an ext regular color.

Smoking or secondhand smoke

When a human being breathes in smoke, pollutants and other tiny particles in the smoke gain trapped in the mucus and phlegm. This can reason these substances to turn a much darker color. Smoke can likewise cause the phlegm in the lungs to thicken.

In addition, exhilaration can damage the hair-like cilia, which help clear the lung of phlegm. Together a result, a human will cough up more dark-colored phlegm.

Smoke indigenous fires

A human being exposed to a big fire, such together a home or workplace fire, frequently breathes in soot and also ash.

As in human being who smoke or breathe in pollutants, the corpuscle from a fire deserve to turn the mucus and phlegm black. This is one reason that firefighters wear devoted masks and air tanks while fighting a blaze.


Tuberculosis (TB) is a highly infectious bacterial epidemic that reasons a who phlegm to turn dark. Various other symptoms include chest pain, a persistent cough, and coughing increase blood. People with dilute immune systems are particularly susceptible come TB.


Pneumonia is a potentially deadly condition that attacks the lungs’ wait sacs, bring about the lungs to fill with fluid.

In addition to black mucus and also phlegm, pneumonia can cause chest pain, shortness the breath, fever, and also coughing. Viruses, bacteria, and other infections can cause pneumonia.

Fungal epidemic in the lungs

A person with a dilute immune system has actually an increased risk of emerging a fungal epidemic that settles in your lungs, just like TB. World who live in hot environments are also more likely to construct fungal infections in the lungs.

This form of infection can cause bleeding in the airways, and also this blood makes the mucus and also phlegm appear dark or black.

Lung cancer

According to the American Lung Association, around 541,000 human being living in the unified States at this time have or have had lung cancer.

Lung cancer can cause a range of chest-related symptoms, including dark phlegm. If a person coughs increase blood and also has dark or black mucus and also phlegm, they need to see a medical professional as shortly as possible.

Other causes

The following health worries can additionally cause black mucus and phlegm:

heart valve diseaseblood thinners, if they cause internal bleeding

Treatment alternatives for black color mucus and also phlegm vary, depending on what is bring about the discoloration.

To law an underlying infection, a medical professional will require to number out the cause. They might recommend antifungal or antiviral medicines or antibiotics. Sometimes, a medical professional prescribes steroids to assist reduce inflammation.

People who have actually darkened mucus due to smoking need to stop smoking. In enhancement to clearing increase the mucus, quitting smoking cigarettes provides countless health benefits.

People v lung cancer require treatment, which may include surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, or target treatments. A person should talk about their care plan with their medical care provider.

Anyone exposed come pollutants on a continuous basis should take preventive steps. Attract a mask or breathing apparatus can assist prevent exposure.

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Sometimes, no treatment is necessary. For example, a person exposed come pollutants — such together dust, chemicals, or exhilaration — for a short duration will an alert that your mucus return to a regular color once exposure come the pollutants stops.