in ~ the galactic main point of the Milky method lies the gaping maw the Sagittarius A*, a supermassive black color hole the is forever devouring the stays of stars and dismembering anything that creeps also close—but wait.

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Whatever is lurking in the love of the galaxy might be miscellaneous weirder and also even an ext of one enigma than any type of black hole. Shot dark matter. At the very least that is what a team that researchers think after the suspicion elevated by a large gas cloud the passed what to be allegedly a black hole gargantuan enough to piece it and feast on its remains. Instead, the cloud simply floated by together if there was no monstrous gravitational force sneaking increase from behind. That might be since there never was.

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A fog that gamma light ray permeates the sky. Currently we understand why.

So, a star might have consumed a black hole and also exploded
Many astronomers firmly insist that there has actually been more than sufficient evidence come prove Sgr A* really is a supermassive black hole, despite they have struggled through why the cloud, known as G2, escaped the cosmic jaws. Jorge Rueda is just one of the researchers who believes they room mistaken. He co-authored a study recently published in Monthly Notices of the Royal astronomical Society: Letters, in an effort to shed light ~ above why Sgr A* might actually it is in a blob that dark matter.

“The activity of every stars in the Galaxy is telling us the dark issue is not just relevant in the perimeter of the Galaxy, but likewise at the center,” Rueda called wire in one interview. “We have been may be to display that a dense core the "darkinos" (dark matter particles of fermion nature) can explain the movement of G2 with virtually the same accuracy when contrasted with the version assuming a main supermassive black color hole.”

Rueda’s simulation that the Milky method actually explained the G2 conundrum v slightly much better accuracy 보다 the black color hole model. It additionally explained the motions of various other bodies roughly what is still thought to be a star-shredding monster by many scientists. S stars belong come the S-cluster that surrounds Sgr A*. While dark matter had been believed to exist in this swarm (as that does transparent the entire universe), the stars to be still thought to be surrounding a supermassive black hole. The star S2 provided the many reliable data because that Rueda and his team to study. S2 is extremely luminous and close enough to Sgr A* to check its gravitational power.


What strange objects might be hiding in the center of our galaxy? Credit: NASA


So far, S2 has actually not fallen victim come the crushing heaviness of a black hole. The researchers went even further come look into just how 17 various other S-stars were moving, and none showed them wrong. Darkinos are exotic subatomic corpuscle that have flown under the radar till now. They room the dark matter identical of fermions, room supposedly scattered almost everywhere in our galaxy, and possibly the reason why objects ~ above the edge of the Milky means move quicker than predicted. The explanation because that the motion of stars in the center of the galaxy, follow to Rueda, is the same.

“Since the distribution of dark issue is continuous, how it distributes at much distances and how the distributes in the core, or vice-versa, come out together,” that said. “You just cannot separate the two. “When a black color hole is assumed, they space treated separately. A black color hole at the facility cannot describe the activity of the stars in the suburbs of the Milky Way, therefore a phenomenological circulation of dark matter is essential to explain that.”

Strangely enough, there have actually been no researches on exactly how the distribution of dark matter towards the galactic facility proves the visibility of a supermassive black color hole. What Rueda’s team discovered was the a design which provides a dark issue core rather of a black color hole explains how dark matter shapes the galaxy indigenous the facility all the means to its the furthest reaches with zero gaps. Yet why would darkinos clumped together show up to it is in masquerading as a black hole? Dark matter particles connect by self-gravity, meaning that lock are parts of a big body (the hypothetical clump believed to be Sgr A*) whose an unified gravity keeps them together.

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Even if Sgr A* is a mass of invisible dark matter, the doesn"t necessarily preeminence out the visibility of black holes. Like huge stars the collapse in top top themselves, that believes balls the darkinos cannot host past a details point and are likewise prone come collapsing right into a supermassive black hole. Even if it is this is what taken place in ours galaxy stays a dark secret for now. Due to the fact that it will more than likely be a while till we space able come detect dark matter, any random objects pass Sgr A* should keep their distance.

“We room not speak that black holes don"t exist, or that there space no black color holes in ~ the centers the any galaxies,” Rueda said. “Our work actually introduces a systems to the problem of just how to type supermassive black holes of numerous million solar masses that sit in ~ the center of energetic galaxies.”