Conquer the black color Hills’ peaks v a traditional hot wait balloon ride end Custer, south Dakota.

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Join us on a warm air balloon adventure and also experience one of the most relaxing, tranquil and also enjoyable tasks you will find anywhere. Her day starts early as girlfriend awake before dawn and make your method to the meeting point in Custer.

For most, paris in a hot air balloon is a once-in-a-lifetime bucket-list adventure. However flying in the beautiful black Hills is much more than that, it’s unique. When balloon flights room generally focused over vineyards and also farmland, black Hills Balloons paris over part spectacular rough terrain. We commonly fly in the southern hills.

The Custer Valley and also the world renowned Custer State Park make up the heart of our flying area. There room mountains, valleys, lakes and also prairies to watch as friend drift along on the morning breeze.

We quite frequently see some distinct wildlife the you yes, really don"t view in plenty of other areas from a balloon!

The black Hills are habitat come elk, antelope, buffalo and mule deer. If you"re really happy you can even view a hill lion indigenous the for sure gondola! There’s nowhere else in the world, wherein you deserve to witness the very same views indigenous a hot air balloon and fly over such a historic and beautiful landscape.

The morning of her flight, after conference the pilot and crew, friend are driven to the launch website to evil the balloon coming to life. Inflation takes 20 minutes and also with a tiny hands-on authorized the balloon is prepared to launch. Your flight over the hills will certainly last approximately one hour (weather and accessible landing sites permitting), wherein you’ll reap views of local wildlife, gorgeous landscapes and a beautiful black Hills sunrise. Flight altitude different from treetops to a couple of thousand feet to permit the best views and also steerage come the best easily accessible landing site. Upon landing, the balloon soil crew quickly packs up the gear while we toast v a sip that champagne and also the classic Balloonists Prayer.

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1 hour hot air balloon rideTraditional Champagne toastFirst trip CertificateFAA certified pilotStunning views

Your one hour trip will check out you rise numerous feet in the air over the peaks and also scenic lakes. Herds of wild buffalo, elk and deer are regular sights.

Fitness and Experience

No particular level the fitness or suffer is required however you must be able to stand up because that the duration of the flight (approximately 1 hour)

What come Bring/Wear

Spectators space welcome to monitor your trip in the chase auto for $20 every payable ~ above the dayWe recommend you wear outdoor clothes and also some solid shoes together the soil is frequently covered with dew in the early on morningBe sure to bring a hat, sunglasses and sunscreenYour cameraThe balloon is the appropriate platform indigenous which to take photos of the spectacular scenery

What is Supplied

A 3-4 hour experience including a one-hour hot air balloon rideA Champagne toastFAA Certified Pilots

More Information

Flights depart between 5:30 A.M and also 6:30 A.M depending upon the time that the yearPassenger participation in the setup is welcomeThere will be other world in the basket through you