Did you gain transferred to Tinker Air pressure Baseorcome come Oklahoma Christian college as the following step in her educational plan? No issue what broughtyou come Oklahoma CityOK, aid is available.It have the right to be stressful relocating to a new city. It is so much tough work.

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There is so much to do, so countless things to update. Girlfriend must uncover a new full-service vehicle wash, as well as a new place that makes old-style pizza. You need to take treatment of all that business and takecare of yourself, as well. Friend will require tofind a new hair salon - simply the ideal hair salon.

In Oklahoma City, over there is a hair salon to satisfy your needs. There are natural hair salons, black color hair salons, and also curly hair salons. This is a guide to Oklahoma City"s hair shop offerings.

Hair Salons in OKC

Yes, whether you have actually straight or curly hair, even if it is you space black, Hispanic, or caucasian, if you require a hair salon, Oklahoma City has actually a salon for you.

In every suburb, in every district, there room hair salons in OKC for you to pick from.

Great hair salons are located downtown in the City center -Downtown District, the Arts ar &FilmRow, Bricktown, Uptown 23rd, Midtown, Deep Deuce, and other districts. No matter where you discover yourself in Oklahoma City, you can walk right into a hair salon and leave in style.


Hair Salons the Go the organic Route

Ladies & Gentlemens Hair Studio in Del Cityon SE 29th St is not far from the intersection that 29th and also S Sunnylane Rd. It is simply west the the Tinker Golf course on Tinker Air force Base.

They are open all week, Sunday through Saturday, from 7:30 am till 5 pm.Of the hair salons in OKC, Trichology Hair Salon is among the most well-renowned,a contemporary hair shop that prides chin on a simplistic technique to hair, giving a detailed, passionate, and also tailored experience. Whether it"s a cut, blowout, and style, a color or shade correction, or simply a straight-razor shave that girlfriend need, Trichology is the spot.

The shop is situated on N may Ave close to the intersection the May and Quail Springs Rd. Trichology is nestled in between Mayand Portland Ave by the john Kilpatrick Turnpike. A short distance west throughout the turnpikeon W Memorial Rd is the martin Park Nature Center.

Learn about nature from beautiful plants and also exciting wildlife in a peaceful suburban environment. Reap guided hikes, educational programs, and also a learning center that is interactive.


Black Hair Salons: Expertise

Tiara"s Hair shop onN Bryant Ave is around a quarter-mile from I-35 and also a half-mile native NE 23rd St. The shop is about a third-mile from The Bryant Center, an event venue because that family, private, community, or corporate next of approximately 400 guestsfeaturing full-service food and bar catering services.

The Bryant center has a story wealthy in African-American history. Tiara"s can help you through children"s hair extensions. Twisted It Sistah hair salon,on S Sooner Rd close to the intersection of E Reno Aveand Sooner, is ideal down the street from ray Trent Park.

The entrance to the park is situated on Tinker diagonal line at I-40 and S Sunnylane Rd. In ~ Twist it Sistah, you can gain a scalp exfoliation, a shampoo,a condition, anda trim.

You can acquire cornrows, box braids, locs, twists, crochet styles, and also more.If you have dominican hair, you can find Yoli"s beauty, beauty Salonon SW 44th St on the SW edge of 44th and also S Robinson Ave. The shop is a quick drivefrom Draper Memorial Park. Though Oklahoma City did not exist then, the land Ordinance that 1787 is partly responsible because that the existenceof Draper Park.


Curly Hair Salons

Salon Exclusive specializes in curly hair. Gain a DevaCut. This isa technique for wavy to tight curls, designed to make certain that you deserve to maintain your style on a regular basis once you acquire home.

Salon exclude, is throughout the turnpike native Mercy Hospital Oklahoma City, i m sorry is likewise on W Memorial Rd, and also The Greens country Club, which deserve to be uncovered off that W Memorial on green Valley Dr.

Located in The Village, salon W ~ above N might Ave also uses DevaCut, which provides its stylists curly-hair specialists, together well. Close to the intersection the May and also W Britton Rd, shop W is best down the street indigenous PCAA Fields, a baseball and softball complicated found top top W Britton Rd.


Hair Salons in OKC"s surrounding Areas

While there are many good salons in Oklahoma City, probably you have actually relatives the live in a neighboring area, choose Luther, Harrah, El Reno, Minco, bridge Creek, or Moore.

Maybe you have actually a ideal friend who goes to school in Norman, OK in ~ the university of Oklahomawhere the OU Sooners play. The story, by the way, of how theSoonersgot their name is quite aninteresting and encouragingone.These cities and towns have an excellent hair salons, as well. Norman, in particular, is full of modern-day hair salons especiallyfor its huge population of college students.

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You might need shade correction, full-color, highlights, a perm, a stylish new cut, a trim increase for your bangs or dead ends, a hot oil treatment, or simply a shampoo, blowout, and also style. No issue what you need, girlfriend can find it in the hair salons of OKC and also the surrounding areas.


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