Black space Wildlife administration Area (BGWMA or WMA) encompasses about 103,000 acres with fairly little development. The residential property is administered by Texas Parks and Wildlife room (TPWD) for the function of wildlife research, conservation, and management. It is geographically bounded by large expanses of undeveloped personal ranch land to the north and also west and large Bend national Park (BBNP) come the south and west. The eastern boundary follows roughly 25 miles of the Rio Grande River along the US/Mexico border just north the the La Linda international Bridge. The nearest inhabited cities room Marathon (population 430; 2010 census) and also Alpine (population 5,905; 2010 census) to the north. The unincorporated neighborhood of Terlingua/Study Butte is situated in between BBNP and huge Bend Ranch State Park (BBRSP). Both parks space IDA Dark sky Parks and together represent one of the biggest contiguous locations of defended night skies in the unified States.

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In acknowledgment of the importance of ongoing preservation of the dark skies in the huge Bend an ar and in ~ BGWMA, WMA management has embraced an outdoor lighting strategy that adheres to recommendations outlined in Guidelines because that Outdoor lighting in royal Astronomical society of Canada Dark-sky Preserves and also IDA Dark skies Places adopted by the imperial Astronomical society of Canada(RASC). Additionally, in cooperation with large Bend Ranch State Park, the BGWMA administration team is cursed to dark sky conservation and recognizes the prominence of dark skies preservation. Black color Gap’s viewpoint is the the night sky should be controlled just as the organic and social resources the the land, and also their score is to preserve the night skies v public education, outreach, and interpretive programs, on and also off-site. Through collaborative efforts, black Gap and also its partners can cast a broad net to administer the public with the tools vital to become active participants in the global dark sky activity in this an ar and beyond.





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