Cynthia Day, 50, and fiancé Nathaniel Holmes, 63, had actually been staying at the Bahia Principe hotel since May 25

By Shomari Stone, News4 Reporter•Published may 31, 2019•Updated on June 4, 2019 at 8:02 pm
A pair from Prince George’s county, Maryland, was found dead if vacationing in the Dominican Republic, family members said. News4’s Shomari stone reports. Read more here."data-ellipsis="false">

Update: Investigators in the Dominican Republic announced the cause of death of a couple on vacation, however the couple"s family isn"t satisified v the explanation. Check out the recent story here.

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A couple from Prince George’s County, Maryland, were found dead while vacationing in the Dominican Republic, loved ones said.

The body of Cynthia Day, 50, of top Marlboro, and her fiancé, Nathaniel Holmes, 63, were uncovered Thursday in your room at the Bahia Principe hotel in ~ the will Playa Nueva Romana, in the southeast coastline of the island, The Dominican Today, a regional newspaper, reported.

Sonya Jackson, Cynthia’s sister, called News4’s Shomari stone that the U.S. Embassy shown the couple was uncovered dead in the resort.



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Day and also Holmes, who according to family members were engaged, had actually been continuing to be at the vacation spot due to the fact that May 25, The Dominican this particular day reported. Castle were supposed to fly ago home top top Thursday.

Holmes’ sister claimed she talked to the a couple of job ago, and also he told her he “was having a an excellent time.”

The bodies showed "no signs of violence," follow to The Dominican Today. Investigators have not established the reason or manner of death.

Dajuan Holmes-Hamilton, Nathaniel Holmes" daughter, said shewants the an enig solved.

"It should have actually never happened," she said.

In April, the State Department elevated the risk level in the Dominican Republic and urged travelers to exercise raised caution since of high crime rates. Equipped robbery, homicide and also sexual attack are among top concerns, the State room says.

They say resorts are generally policed far better than urban areas like the capital, Santo Domingo. However Day and also Holmes room not the first U.S. Tourist whose expedition to the island finished in tragedy.

In January, a Delaware woman claims she to be brutally beaten for hours at a resort in Punta Cana. In March, a brand-new York couple was found dead in the country after failing come return house on their reserved date.

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CORRECTION (June 1, 10:37 p.m.): An previously version that this story claimed Cynthia Day was 49. Her family members says she was 50.

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