The black color cat appeared on the field while the brand-new York Giants were play the Dallas Cowboys ~ above their residence field





Towards the end of the game’s second quarter top top Monday evening, a black cat ran ~ above MetLife Stadium’s field as the brand-new York Giants were play the Dallas Cowboys, placing a halt come the action.

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The furry feline was watched casually trotting down the field towards among the endzones before temporarily pausing close to the two-yard line. The cat’s pace easily picked as much as a sprint as soon as several state troopers come running top top the field in an attempt to capture the unforeseen visitor.

Field officials do the efforts to corner the cat and catch him, but the black color feline was not having any type of of it and also quickly jumped up into the crowd, sending out fans into a panic.

The cat climate ran back down top top the perimeter of the field before he made his dramatic departure through among the tunnels, successfully staying clear of capture.


As this to be happening, fans and also players alike watched on — part in amusement, rather in confusion. Sportscasters also couldn’t assist but commentate the amazing action, with one Twitter user catching Kevin Harlan’s Westwood One radio call of the incident.

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“He’s walking come the three, he’s at the two… and also the cat runs into the endzone!” Harlan can be heard speak in the clip as the group excitedly cheered because that the feline’s accomplishment. “That is a touchdown! The cat is elusive!”

“There space state troopers all about this cat, which currently climbs up right into the stands and also fans room running for their lives,” Harlan comically walk on. “Now the goes back on the field again, it’s to run in the ago of the endzone. And it runs out the tunnel.”

Other commentators joked that the cat a poor sign because that anyone who is superstitious and as the cat ran approximately the state troopers, they claimed through laughter “Whose gained cat corralling skills in them?”

The Giants likewise poked fun at the incident, creating on Twitter together a video clip of the cat on the field, “Halloween isn’t end yet!”

Once the feline left the field, the game resumed together normal. The is at this time unclear if authorities have captured the cat.

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