‘Signs that a Psychopath’ airs on examination Discovery, and it looks at the gruesome crimes the have emerged all over the nation in current times. The dissects the personality properties of psychopathic criminals and also sees specifically which features are exhibited by the killer at the time of the crime. The collection does so through the assist of news footage and also other pertinent sources. The situation of Christian C. Nielsen has actually been disputed in one such episode.

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Who is Christian C. Nielsen?

Christian C. Nielsen to be a cook at the black color Bear Bed and Breakfast in Newry, Maine, and also worked at the Sudbury Inn in Bethel. The owner of the latter facility, Nancy White, described him together a soft-spoken individual and a an excellent employee. However, the was in reality a psychopath that killed four civilization at the bed and also breakfast, including the owner and also her daughter.

In 2006, during the job Day weekend, Nielsen committed a quadruple murder. His victims to be James Whitehurst, Julie Bullard, Selby Bullard, and also Cindy Beatson. The very first victim to be James Whitehurst, a 50-year-old handyman who occasionally helped the owner, Julie Bullard, at the facility. He was shot and also then his corpse to be burnt. Nielsen had disposed that the body in the woods in Upton.

Two job later, the 65-year-old owner was shot. On the complying with day, her daughter Selby Bullard and also her daughter’s friend, Cindy Beatson, were likewise murdered after getting here at the place unexpectedly. However, shoot them was no enough. Nielsen also dismembered the three women using a hacksaw, one ax, and a chainsaw, according to the prosecution.Moreover, he reduced Selby’s and also Cindy’s finger off, presumably to take your rings. Three dead dogs were additionally discovered ~ above site.

Julie and also Selby Bullard had actually moved come Maine after shedding the latter’s husband to a fatal car crash. Selby additionally had 2 children— a 12-year-old daughter and also an 8-year-old son. The family members shifted and collection up the bed and breakfast together a fresh begin for themselves. In February of that year, Julie had chose to market the facility. Meanwhile, Selby functioned part-time in ~ the apple Tree Realty Inc. Through her friend Cindy Beatson ~ obtaining her actual estate license.

To say that these murders shook the community would it is in an understatement. After all, the area was no an unsafe one. The last occasion that had such an impact on the community was an arson fire that killed four civilization in Portland nearly 14 years prior to Nielsen’s crimes. Robin Zinchuk, the executive, management Director that the Bethel Area chamber of Commerce, likewise said, “Everybody is simply numb through shock. It’s something out of a horror movie.”

Nielsen’s crimes concerned light when he referred to as his father, Charles Nielsen, and also his stepmother down to the property. Christian called his father that Julie had gone to California and also left that in charge of the bed and also breakfast. Yet when he reached there, Charles experienced a bloody trace left behind from when the bodies had actually been dragged outside. The father automatically notified the police and also even said them the he believed Christian had carried out the killings. A allude that should be listed is that Nielsen even worked the Sunday dinner change after already having killed at the very least one person.

Authorities arrested Christian Nielsen on 4 charges the murder, and he walk not stand up to arrest. According to an affidavit, when Nielsen to be questioned about the crimes, he admitted that he to be guilty and also even showed the cops where Whitehurst’s human body was. Once asked about a motive, Nielsen stated that there to be none. He had actually simply been thinking of killing world for plenty of years, and 2006 to be the year he solidified his thoughts. Authorities believed he also wanted to operate the bed and breakfast himself. Up till the murders, the worst crime ~ above his rap sheet was driving under influence. His patent had additionally been revoked a year ago.

Where is Christian C. Nielsen Today?

Nielsen was asserted competent sufficient to go v a trial because that the murders, and also Justice Robert Crowley declared that the now-convicted met the legal standards that had actually been set by the State’s can be fried Court. You see, his legal team declared that Nielsen was unfit because that a trial on the grounds of his mental health. They likewise stated that he to be emotionally detached and could not assist in his own defense. However, countless professionals felt the Nielson could add to his defense if he decided to. The judge stated this around the matter— “While the is definitely unfair to topic a defendant to trial when he lacks the volume to take component in his own defense, that is no unfair to subject him come trial once he merely chooses not to take part.”

Two psychologists at the trial walk conclude the Nielsen had mental health issues. He endured from a schizoid personality disorder, and also possibly other ailments choose Asperger’s syndrome, which can prevent the from communicating properly. However they disagreed around his capability as much as the trial to be concerned. Nielsen was not asserted legally insane despite these issues.

However, Nielsen’s legit team quiet pursed the insanity defense route. His lawyer, Dennis Hoffman, stated that the goal to be to acquire his client admitted come a psychiatric facility whereby he might receive therapy for his illnesses. However the insanity plea was dropped a day before his psychological started, and Nielsen pleaded guilty for the crimes. He got life in prison on October 18, 2007, and also is offer his sentence in ~ the Maine State Prison.

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In 2007, that was additionally reported the while he was at the Cumberland county Jail awaiting his trial, Nielsen had actually lost 55 pounds. This put his health in danger, together his load came down from 158 pounds come 103 pounds. SheriffMark Dion was given permission by the court to force-feed him. Moreover, Nielsen had likewise been placed on a self-destruction watch after the made cuts that resembled the letter X on his scalp. Sheriff Dion said that Nielsen can not be transported come the Riverview Psychiatric facility in Augusta for additional treatment until his condition had stabilized.