How has the black color Church aided Louisiana’s afri American community persevere through centuries that turmoil? from the civil Rights movement of days previous to the struggles of the modern age, znjke.com’s Kara St. Cyr explores the prominence of the black Church in Louisiana, acquisition you ~ above a journey across our state to present you the history and the society that makes our state for this reason unique.

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Local production support was listed by: State Farm, ExxonMobil Baton Rouge, Blue Cross and also Blue Shield that Louisiana and the CSRS.

More than 350 people across Louisiana and the country signed approximately take component in the znjke.com Virtual occasion Louisiana’s black Church. Gift in partnership v Louisiana’s HBCU Advisory Council, attendees were treated to a sneak peek at the Henry luigi Gates, Jr., collection The black Church: This Is ours Story, This Is ours Song. Organized by Robyn Merrick, southerly University’s Vice-President for outside Affairs in Baton Rouge, the night featured a lively conversation with a dashboard of professionals from the southern University System, Grambling State University, Dillard University, & Xavier college of Louisiana. They spanned a range of topics native the role of Louisiana’s black Churches in the civil Rights motion to the influence of gospel music in the church and on modern-day culture. Dr. Samuel C. Tolbert, president of the national Baptist Convention the America International, Inc. Also listed his expertise and also perspective.

znjke.com’s Kara St. Cyr listed the audience v a look forward to her documentary Louisiana’s black color Church: The national politics of Perseverance.

Local manufacturing support was detailed by: State Farm, ExxonMobil Baton Rouge, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana and also the CSRS.

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Dr. Samuel C. Tolbert, pastor of the better Saint mar Missionary Baptist Church in Lake Charles, LA

Rev. Tolbert has actually been pastor of the higher Saint mar Missionary Baptist Church in Lake Charles, LA for more than 30 years. The is likewise President that the national Baptist Convention that America International, Inc., which is the second largest African-American Christian body in the united States. He is a graduate of Bishop university in Dallas, Texas having earned a Bachelor that Arts level in religion and philosophy through a young in speech education and also he earned a understand of Divinity level from Payne Theological Seminary in Wilberforce, Ohio. He to be awarded an Honorary doctor of Divinity degree from Union Baptist College and also Theological Seminary in new Orleans, LA. Rev. Tolbert perfect the Doctorate in set (D.Min) degree in expository preaching in might 2017 at the Stephen Olford facility at Union university in Memphis, Tennessee.


Dr. Charles Vincent, Professor of history and university Historian, southern University

The louis Jetson-Lamar teamwork Professor of history at southern University and A & M College and a other of the Louisiana historic Association. Dr. Vincent began his greater education at Utica small College and earned his undergraduate degree at Jackson State University. He got his Master’s and also Doctoral levels from Louisiana State University. He has taught at universities throughout the South and also has published Black Legislators in Louisiana throughout Reconstruction, A Centennial history of southerly University and A and also M College, and also co-authored Images that America: SCOTLANDVILLE.


Rev. Herbert A. Brisbon, III, Chaplain, Dillard University

Newly appointed university Chaplain in ~ Dillard University, in new Orleans, Louisiana. That earned his grasp of Divinity and also Theological researches from Wesley Theological Seminary, in Washington, DC; his Bachelor of Religion/Social work-related from Clark Atlanta college in Atlanta, Georgia, and his Associates in scientific research from Spartanburg Methodist college in Spartanburg, south Carolina. Chaplain Brisbon is passionate around teaching, preaching and also shepherding God’s people as he difficulties them come experience, engage and encounter God in a Neo-Orthodox way.


Dr. Sharlene Sinegal-DeCuir, Chair, background Department, Xavier University

The Keller family members Endowed associate Professor of background at Xavier college of Louisiana. She earned she Ph.D. In American history from Louisiana State University with concentrations in African-American and Latin American history. Throughout her academic career, she has concentrated on the new South period through the Civil legal rights Movement, with particular interest on afri American work in Louisiana. Dr. Sinegal-DeCuir teaches courses in african American History, consisting of Slavery and Servitude, U. S. Civil civil liberties Movement, and Hip Hop and also Social Justice.


Natorshau M. Davis, Assistant Professor the Vocal Music/Choral Director, Grambling State University

In she twenty-third year together a Music educator Ms. Davis has earned undergraduate degrees from Louisiana technology University in Vocal Performance and Vocal Music Education. She got her Master’s level in Music education and learning from the university of Louisiana at Monroe and has earned level I, II, and III Certifications in Somatic Voicework from the modern-day Commercial Music (CCM) Vocal Pedagogy academy at Shenandoah Conservatory of Music. Natorshau is at this time the Assistant Professor the Vocal Music and also Choral Director at Grambling State University.





The black color Church: This Is our Story, This Is our Song is a relocating four-hour, two-part series from executive producer, host and writer Henry louis Gates, Jr., the Alphonse Fletcher university Professor in ~ Harvard University and director that the Hutchins center for African and also African American Research, that traces the 400-year-old story that the black church in America, every the means down come its bedrock role as the site of african American survival and also grace, organizing and resilience, thriving and also testifying, autonomy and also freedom, solidarity and also speaking fact to power.

The documentary reveals how Black people have worshipped and, v their spiritual journeys, improvised means to lug their faith traditions indigenous Africa come the new World, while translating them right into a form of Christianity that was not just truly your own, yet a redemptive pressure for a nation whose initial sin was found in your ancestors’ enslavement across the middle Passage.

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