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tiny Black bumper sticker v blue stripe ?? (home, buy)
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I save seeing this small, rectangle-shaped bumper sticker ~ above cars, and I"m curious regarding what the means.It is simply solid black, through a thick blue horizontal stripe across the middle.Anyone know?
Has miscellaneous to execute with law enforcement. You"ll view the same design as a patent plate on the prior bumper of part RPD cars i think. At least you supplied to.
I"ve heard the "thin blue line" to represent the police and the security they provide. I"ve additionally seen the same thing v a red line, may be representing fire battle aircraft and/or emergency responders.
I"ve heard the "thin blue line" represents the police and the security they provide. I"ve likewise seen the very same thing through a red line, maybe representing fire fighters and/or emergency responders.
You"re exactly correct (different than Scuba divers). The slim blue line and also the thin red line stand for the "thin line" the protects citizens. It"s a method for law enforcement/firefighters come come together and also share through each various other that they room in a "brotherhood" type of speak. It"s a black sticker with a blue heat for law enforcement and a red line because that firefighters.
The "funny" thing around this is the it"s virtually identical come an emblem in the gay community to to express an attention in animal leather fettishes or bondage and S&M. I"m certain a lot of human being are perplexed by this....
I think the factor you are seeing them pop up more is since the median Joe thinks they can put lock on your car and also they won’t get stopped or feasible let off since they have actually the sticker and the cops think they are a cop or family members of a cop. Choose the entirety police benevolent society tags/stickers they supplied to give out as soon as you donated money. People just assume they will certainly be treated specially if they have them.John
I think you have the right to now purchase police benevolent association patent plates ("tags" come you natives). I have no idea if they yield any kind of benefit if traction over.

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I believed it was just federal law enforcement (my husband carried some home for ours cars and also he"s federal)... Yet it might be all regulation enforcement.
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