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Rob Kardashian and also Blac Chyna are definitely on the outs -- but Wednesday"s tirade isn"t the an initial time the two have made headlines.

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From the moment they got together, it appears the drama hasn"t stopped with Rob and Chyna, v a resource telling ET top top Wednesday the their partnership has constantly been "volatile."

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Take a look earlier at Rob and Chyna"s many dramatic moment in the timeline below:

January 2016: romantic Sparks a family Feud

After year of hiding native the spotlight, plunder reappeared in one intimate pic on Chyna"s Instagram. When sparks ignited in between the pair, they also flew between Rob and his famed family, that weren"t very pleased that he was date Chyna, the ex-fiancee the Kylie Jenner"s then-boyfriend, Tyga (and mother of their son, King).

"You can do anything. Yet never go against the family," Khloe Kardashian tweeted on Jan. 25, though a resource told ET at the time that the family members didn"t desire to push Rob away because of his "fragile state."

"Yes, Kylie feel betrayed, but she additionally doesn"t view the should publicly taunt him. If this relationship is great for Rob, even if it"s temporary, climate Kylie is no going to push it. She"ll getover it," the resource said. "The fear is the Chyna is doing this for attention."

Days later, Rob showed he was in it because that the long haul, when he took a 26-hour road expedition from Los Angeles to Texas to pick up Chyna after she arrest for public intoxication and also drug possession.

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April 2016: Proposing much more Trouble

It to be Rob"s family who left town in April, once he decided to pop the inquiry to Chyna after just a couple of months that dating.

The truth star proposed through a huge 7-carat diamond ring by Ben Baller, and while his family members was nowhere to be seen, a resource told ET that they were beginning to come roughly on the relationship, despite the at an early stage tension.

“The household is really happy that they’re together,” the resource revealed in ~ the time. “The transforms Rob has actually made in his life room so good. They appreciate Chyna for that.”

Days later, however, the family showed up a tiny uncomfortable when challenged with Rob"s brand-new relationship status. "Stop questioning me stupid questions!" zener replied once asked about the engagement through paparrazzi, if Rob"s sisters stayed silent on social media.

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May 2016: Dreaming that the first Kardashian Heir

A month later, Rob and also Chyna announced their pregnancy -- and his family members did their ideal to pat nice.

"I mean, it"s for this reason exciting. It"s a really interesting time for him. I think he"ll be the ideal dad. He"s really just such a good, good person," Kim Kardashian called ET at the time, when a resource said Kylie was "over the relationship."

"It was hard for her in the beginning. But she sees exactly how happy he is and all she desires is because that him to be happy. The general consensus in the home is "Praise Chyna! Don"t go!"" the resource said. "They lastly got the brother they constantly knew back."

Kourtney Kardashian, however, appeared to have other thoughts, together she contemplated transforming the critical names of she kids, Mason, Penelope and also Reign Disick, so that Rob and Chyna"s boy wouldn"t it is in the sole Kardashian heir.

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September 2016: "Are girlfriend Still texting B**ches, correctly or No?"

Things appeared happy for a little -- until Rob and also Chyna debuted their drama ~ above their brand-new reality show, rob & Chyna. Best from the start, viewers witnessed the pair"s relationship was plagued by distrust, cheating allegations, blow-out screaming matches, and also Chyna"s well known line, "Are friend still texting b**ches, yes or no?"

"Honestly, v me and also Chyna, I simply really don"t know what"s gonna happen," rob admitted in the season premiere, before later deciding to shot to do things work with the model. “My plan is not to have actually a kid with somebody and also not be through the person. That"s just bizarre to me."

By the end of the month, plunder was exhilaration out, as he common Kylie"s mobile number on society media in an initiative to get earlier at his sister for trying to throw him a baby shower there is no Chyna. And the next day, Chyna tweeted his number "to ensure your man is no texting no b**ches."

"If you ask Rob, he"ll say they"re having actually issues. If you ask Chyna, she"ll to speak they room not together," a source told ET at the time. "Their relationship is no in a great place ideal now but they space working top top it."

"Chyna and Rob space not in a good place right now, which climate sets him into a downward spiral," the resource added.

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November 2016: infant Bliss

On Nov. 10, 2016, Dream Renee Kardashian arrived, and also Rob and Chyna seemed to placed away their distinctions for the sake of your newborn daughter.

"All is an excellent with their relationship right now," ET"s source revealed, adding that if they had two homes, the brand-new parents were "doing a good job at co-parenting and also staying under one roof."

"Everyone that is close to Rob, consisting of his family and best friends, really respect and love Chyna," the resource shared. "They see just how happy she renders Rob and also are thankful that she got him to revolve around. Rob has actually been a great father and also really loves Chyna. That is loving with her, helps take care."

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December 2016: funny Christmas to Rob

The following month, however, Chyna determined she want out -- and took an interesting route to acquire there.

On Dec. 17, the model"s Instagram account was seemingly hacked through a 3rd party, that posted alleged screenshots of direct messages between Chyna and also other men, and conversations in between her and a lawyer around trademarking the Kardashian name. The hacker was later revealed to be Rob, who required to Snapchat hrs later to announce the Chyna had actually moved out of their residence with baby Dream and nearly every one of their furniture.

"So, I acquire home, and Chyna took the baby, take it the totality nursery us built, and Chyna took everything that we built for the nursery for baby Dream, and also she left and she simply left me alone and also took the baby," Rob stated on Snapchat, showing Dream"s empty nursery, prior to Chyna told her side of the story.

"I"M DONE!" Chyna composed on Instagram. "This whole year I have actually done nothing but aid Rob! It"s for this reason SAD & PATHETIC just how low he"d stoop come cover increase HIS personal ISSUES!"

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The next day, plunder apologized to Chyna because that his society media outburst, and also said he was "seeking help to resolve my flaws/issues."

Following Rob"s diabetes-related wellness scare a couple weeks later, a source told ET the he and Chyna were "focusing on your relationship."

"Chyna and also Rob took some time off to focus on their instant family," the source said of why the couple skipped the yearly Kardashian Christmas bash. "It"s no a negative thing, and they necessary a break because that themselves, and their daughter. Castle are ago together now and focusing on their relationship."

The source did, add, however, that Rob"s drama v Chyna was beginning to rub his sisters the not correct way. "After rob calls his sisters and also mother and also shares everything with them, it"s tough for Chyna come re-enter the family members after they reconciled, mainly for Dream"s sake," the resource said.

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March 2017: for this reason Long, Season Two

Months later, Rob and also Chyna had actually again called it quits -- and also said goodbye come season two of their fact show.

"They space doing the ideal they can to remain civil and also to co-parent the best they can," a resource told ET in ~ the time. "They have resolved an unshened custody arrangement. They found out what functions for them and they’re law a good job at it."

" establish Dream will attach them for life, and it’s no worth it because that them to fight and get dramatic around their breakup," the resource added. "They’re forever associated by the beautiful girl, so there can’t be any bad blood."

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July 2017: in ~ War

So lot for no poor blood! The pair played nice because that the new few months -- and also even sparked rumors of a reconciled relationship with flirty posts and also a cute Father"s Day trip to Disneyland v baby Dream.

That all changed on July 5, however, once Rob went turn off on social media again, share alleged naked image of Chyna, accusing she of cheating on the multiple times and also being top top drugs. The fact star additionally claimed come be supporting Chyna"s lifestyle, paying for she rent, cars, and also paying for $100,000 precious of surgical procedure after Chyna provided birth to Dream.

Chyna, meanwhile, fought earlier with allegations of she own, accusing rob of cheating top top her, and also of gift physically abusive.

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"Soon together kylie and tyga broke up Chyna to be over the game. She had a baby the end of spite and also I"ll never view she the same," rob tweeted. "I truly believed Chyna wanted to be a family and that"s why ns was so faithful to her however I learned my lesson and everyone else was right."

Whether the 2 have called it quits for an excellent remains to it is in seen. Get recorded up on every the drama in the video below.

Rob Kardashian and also Blac Chyna go to battle on social Media: nude Photos, insurance claims of drug Use and also Abuse