1. Whereby did Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian meet?

Although its not officially clear wherein the couple met, Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian have actually known each various other for years. The pair to be pictured hanging the end together method back in 2012 once Chyna was still date Tyga. Blac Chyna and also Tyga used to invest a many time through the Kardashian family, which ironically led to the rapper's connection with Kylie Jenner. Picture: Instagram


2. Blac Chyna moved on from rob Kardashian with her brand-new rapper friend Mechie.

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The pair have actually been spotted in Miami engaging in lots of PDA. Picture: Splash


3. Blac Chyna's has actually two children, King Cairo through Tyga and also Dream Kardashian through Rob Kardashian.

Cairo is the spitting image of Tyga, if Dream is an unmistakable Kardashian. Picture: Instagram


4. Blac Chyna and also Kim Kardashian have had a rocky relationship.

Blac Chyna and also Kim K to be friends, climate enemies, then friends again... The pair were close, then reportedly fell out after ~ she started dating Tyga in 2013. Chyna to be then later invited come Kim’s wedding v Kanye West in 2014, before falling out again. Who deserve to keep up? Picture: Instagram


5. What is Blac Chyna's partnership with Kylie Jenner?

Blac Chyna and Kylie Jenner have actually shared a turbulent relationship over recent years - with the pair supposedly falling the end over Tyga. There were rumours Kylie Jenner's connection may have actually overlapped through hers. But after Chyna started dating Kylie's half-brother plunder Kardashian, they showed up to mediate via Snapchat - claiming to it is in "best friends".


6. Blac Chyna had actually Future's name tattooed on she hand.

Awkward? Blac Chyna actually had Future's name tattooed on she hand after ~ she showed up in his 'Rich Sex' video. However after the picture circulated on society media, Future played under their relationship - claiming they were just friends. She swiftly acquired the tattoo removed. Picture: Instagram

7. Blac Chyna has a daughter through Rob Kardashian, dubbed Dream Renee Kardashian.

She gave birth to Dream ~ above 10th November 2016, v Rob Kardashian and Kris Jenner existing in the shipment room. Dream is Blac's first child with Rob and very first daughter.

8. She was when Nicki Minaj's stunt double in a music video.

Blac Chyna was in reality Nicki Minaj's stunt twin in the music video for Kanye West's song 'Monster'. She have the right to been spotted wearing Nicki's renowned blonde wig in a number of scenes.

9. What is Blac Chyna's actual name?

Blac Chyna's actual name is Angela Renée White. Yet following her engagement to plunder Kardashian in 2016, she attempted come legally for sure the surname Angela Renée Kardashian - certifying herself within the Kardashian empire. The situation is still reportedly ongoing. Picture: Instagram

10. Before her relationship with plunder Kardashian, she was romantically linked with Future.

Future and also Blac Chyna to be spotted safety a most time with each other in 2015 and even shot a an extremely steamy video clip for his track 'Rich Sex', i m sorry featured many kissing and simulated sex scenes.

11. Blac Chyna has a boy with Tyga.

Blac Chyna has actually a son dubbed King Cairo from her previous connection with Tyga. He to be born ~ above October 16, 2012 - make him currently three years old! In February 2016, Tyga filed records attempting to gain sole custody of King however its not right now clear even if it is he was successful. Picture: Instagram

12. She met Tyga at kris Brown's reputation afterparty in 2011.

Blac Chyna first met her infant daddy Tyga at chris Brown's FAME tour afterparty in 2011, which was hosted at King the Diamonds strip club. The pair began dating shortly afterwards, prior to Blac Chyna provided birth come their boy King Cairo in 2012. The pair then got involved a month later but allegedly damaged it off after rumours the Tyga and Kylie's relationship. Picture: Getty

13. Blac Chyna started stripping at the period of 18.

Chyna started stripping at the tender period of 18 to money her means though college. The reality star initially used the name 'Dora Renee' before transforming to 'Cream' at a piece club called Old Diamonds. She later settled on the name 'Blac Chyna' when she relocated to King the Diamonds piece club in Miami. Picture: Instagram

14. What is Drake's partnership with Blac Chyna?

Drizzy is a huge fan the Blac Chyna and even shouted her out on his 2010 tune 'Miss Me'. That rapped: "Call the King the Diamonds and tell Chyna it'd be precious the flight". Throughout his feud v Tyga he additionally controversially 'liked' a couple of of her photos on Instagram.

15. Whereby is Blac Chyna from?

Blac Chyna to be born in Washington, DC. However she moved to Miami to pursue her ambitions of being a stripper, before later relocating in v Tyga in Calabasas, LA. She still right now lives in the area with her fiancee plunder Kardashian. Picture: Instagram

16. Blac Chyna is actually a expert makeup artist.

She attended JLS expert Makeup Artist school in LA and graduated in 2013, making her a qualified assembly artist. Picture: Instagram

17. And she owns her own makeup business.

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After graduating, she likewise opened increase her very own makeup bar in California called Lashed Bar, which aims to carry out "high course beauty services". She additionally sells her own selection of fake eyelashes. Picture: Instagram

18. Exactly how tall is Blac Chyna?

Despite looking high on camera, Blac Chyna is actually really small! She was standing at just 5' 2", make her among the shortest celebrities in Hollywood. Picture: Instagram

19. Blac Chyna is best friends with Amber Rose.

The former strippers are BFFs. Amber climbed was reportedly the first person Chyna told about her pregnancy with Rob Kardashian. Picture: Getty

20. Blac Chyna's human body is spanned in tatts!

The former stripper is spanned in tattoos. She has actually a substantial back tatt of flowers and also has octopus on she hands, feet, arms, legs and also torso. And also her eliminated Future tatt, she additionally once had Tyga's name inked on her arm before additionally later gaining it removed. Picture: Instagram