Rob Kardashian is shattered ~ Blac Chyna‘s Instagram web page was hacked ~ above Saturday exposing every of her dirty laundry and also her arrangement for the can be fried come increase in the streets of social media.

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Shady text messages in between Chyna, she attorney, and also her bestie, Treasure, included her plans to marry rob to do it less complicated to trademark the Kardashian name. But, the didn’t prevent there…

Other texts included her sharing her disgust v Rob and also how she’s tired of his laziness, his hairy face, and him wearing same clothing.

A couple of text messages contained her girlfriend advising she to physical abuse plunder to keep him in line.

In an additional text, Chyna declared she was placing Rob on a one-year plan while she stacked she coins top top the side.

Private message to Young Thug and Jaden Smith were likewise leaked online. View the wildly here!

Rob is devastated and also he required to social media come let the people know it.

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Xaviera BryantDecember 17, 2016
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