Blac Chyna is asking a judge to review video clip footage that she insurance claims shows she ex-Rob Kardashian there is no injuries days after he declared she attacked him.

According to court documents obtained by Radar, Chyna trust Rob’s attack lawsuit versus her must be dismissed prior to trial. She claims the proof makes it crystal clear she didn’t injury her baby daddy.

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In 2017, Rob and also his sister Kylie Jenner slapped Chyna v a civil lawsuit. That accused his ex the assaulting him during an altercation at on December 14, 2016.


The two had been living together at Kylie’s home. Plunder says during the event Chyna choked him v an iphone cord and struck that in the face with a 6-foot metal pole.

Rob trust Chyna have to be notified to pay him $700,000 in damages. He states he is owed $5,000 for building damage; $62,852 for security costs; $100,000 because that his pain and suffering; secondary $100,000 for emotional distress and a chuck $500,000 in punitive damages.


Chyna denies the assault. She cases Rob did not suffer any damages. The model told the court she believes the only carried the suit in retaliation for she suing him and also his family.

In her different lawsuit, she accuses the Kardashian household of conspiring with each other to have actually her reality display Rob & Chyna canceled by E! executives. Chyna’s instance is currently moving forward.


In her new motion, Chyna claims Rob’s lawsuit need to be dismissed completely for several reasons. She says throughout the exploration phase of the situation her lawyers acquired never-before-seen footage from keeping Up with The Kardashians.

In the footage, Chyna states Rob is seen without any type of injuries to his challenge or body. She claims he to be seen with “no marks, cuts, or bruises ~ above his confront or neck.” In one scene Rob filmed ~ the incident, he is seen talking around Chyna v his sisters Kim.

Chyna says, “Rob is no limping and also shows no indications of an alleged “beating with a 6-foot steel pole.” She cases he never mentioned residential violence in your custody battle either.


She likewise points the end Rob never mentioned any alleged assault to The room of Family and Child Services. She only recently derived a copy that the bombshell report. She claims Rob said investigators the she never ever committed residential violence against him.

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