Welcome come znjke.com"s live coverage that UFC fight Night 103: Rodriguez vs. Penn, create from the talk Stick will Arena in Phoenix, Arizona.

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The event is headlined by a five-round bout in the featherweight division as previous TUF: Latin America winner Yair Rodriguez looks to score the best win that his career together he welcomes previous UFC Welterweight and Lightweight Champion, and UFC room Of Famer, BJ Penn, back to the Octagon.

Rodriguez is undefeated within the Octagon, having actually won all five of his UFC bouts and six straight overall, which has actually catapulted him come a top-ten ranking. Pen is coming out of retirement, and after being required out of number of prior bouts as result of various reasons, ultimately makes his return to action under the new guidance of Greg Jackson. Penn has actually long been among the biggest fighters to compete inside the Octagon, but he is trying to find his very first win due to the fact that 2010.

Also on the main card is a lightweight bout in between bonus device Joe Lauzon and Marcin Held, and also a welterweight bout pitting Court McGee against Ben Saunders.

Follow along with our live coverage of the event start at 6:15 p.m. ET tonight with preliminary activity all the way through the key card.

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UFC FIGHT happen PRELIMS | 6:15 pm ET/3:15 afternoon PT

The present opened through a reminder the the new unified rules the go into impact with today"s show. They also mentioned the passing of UFC producer Adam Geller in recent weeks and that Anthony Pasquale is taking care of a personal family tragedy however still in attendance because that the show. 

> Cyril Asker (8-2) scored a TKO end Dmitrii Smoliakov (8-2) in ~ 2:41

Heavyweights kicked off the show and also it to be a fast one. Smoliakov opened strong, landing a the majority of punches standing yet Asker acquired a takedown in ~ 1:30.

From there, the BJJ blackbelt conveniently moved into mount and used ground and pound to obtain the stoppage win.

Asker was an extremely happy in his post-fight promo and said he can"t wait for an additional fight and asked the crowd if they want to see him again and also got a large pop from the crowd.

Crowd is early showing up and very lively considering this to be the an initial prelim fight. V some time come kill, lock aired a promo ~ above Dana White"s "Looking for a Fight" reality present which featured Devin Powell, who provides his UFC debut later on tonight. 

Should mention that Daniel Cormier is ~ above the broadcast team v Jon Anik and he"s law a really an excellent job therefore far. Very insightful and they"re doing something new in airing hit clips top top a break-up screen during the walkout which is a quite touch. 

> Joachim Christensen (14-4) winner via TKO end Bojan Mihajlovic (10-5) in ~ 2:05 that the third round

Christensen conquered the first two rounds and also I had actually him up 20-17. Bojan was kind of winning in the standup before slipping around 2 minute in and also Christensen got in his guard and also dominated the remainder of the round. 

Round 2 to be a little an ext even however was plainly Christensen"s. He had actually a 129-29 advantage in strikes landed after 2.

Round 3 was relatively even until Christensen landed an uppercut the floored Bojan and he finished him off through ground and pound.

He exchanged some words with Cormier at cageside after however explained in his Octagon interview that he to be just giving him a shoutout reason they"re both chick magnets. Or something favor that.

> Walt Harris (9-5) won via KO over chase Sherman (9-3) at 2:41 that the 2nd round.

Another heavyweight fight and this to be fun. First round was ago and forth v Sherman much more or less regulating things but Harris doing an ext damage as soon as he landed. I had it 10-9 for him.

In the second, it was type of the very same until Harris landed a punch the floored Sherman in the middle of a flurry to obtain the stoppage. He had words through DC in ~ cageside after ~ the fight as well.

Harris provided credit to Tyron Woodley for some gameplan advice and also mentioned that he wanted to prove Cormier wrong after listening come criticism of him throughout commentary of his critical fight. 

> Nina Ansaroff (7-5) it is registered Jocelyn Jones-Lybarger (6-4) at 3:39 that the 3rd round

This was the very first stoppage loss for Jones-Lybarger. Ansaroff dominated all three rounds with pretty lot the same story. She would obtain a takedown, or a knockdown, go into Jones-Lybarger"s guard and dominate the remainder of the round.

Round 2 to be a clean 10-8 as Ansaroff was never ever close to finishing however did a ton of damage and also maintained control for virtually the whole round. In the third, Ansaroff gained a knockdown, conveniently took mount and set up a rear naked choke with punches. Jones-Lybarger fought it off for around 15 seconds but eventually tapped.

FOX sporting activities 1 PRELIMS | 8 pm ET/5 pm PT

> Tony young name (11-3) over Alex White (11-3) through unanimous decision ~ above scores of 30-27 x 3

Pretty boring lightweight fight. Martin overcame the whole fight v his grappling. I gave him a 10-8 first as White did practically nothing. 2nd round was a little closer yet still clearly for Martin.

Martin was conquering the an initial half that the 2nd before he sort of ran the end of gas. White came on strong but Martin had the ability to tie that up there is no taking much damage. 

Another promo because that Devin Powell and also the Dana White reality show aired. Really pushing this kid...he much better not lose. 

> Aleksei Oleinik (51-10-1) submitted Viktor Pesta (10-4) at 2:57

These were 2 heavyweights and also it was weird. Oleinik pulled guard and was eat a ton that punches native Pesta. Pesta moved into mount fairly easily and also was landing a lot of punches yet Oleinik actually had actually him in one Ezekiel choke. Out of nowhere, Pesta tapped and also when the ref pulled him off of Oleinik, Pesta didn"t also know where he was. 

That was the an initial Ezekiel choking in UFC history, which defines why that looked so weird come me. The thanked God, his wife and his team, in that order. Should"ve thanked Ezekiel. 

Seriously the was the submission of the (very young) year but one of the better of all time. Go the end of your way to see it if friend didn"t. 


> Augusto Mendes (6-1) winner via separation decision end Frankie Saenz (10-5) ~ above scores that 28-29, 29-28 x 2

This was a funny bantamweight scrap. Mendes overcame the an initial round, not quite a 10-8 but clearly he had actually it as Saenz seemed confused and couldn"t price anything Mendes was doing.

It turned about in the second with a brutal elbow come the head native the clinch the rocked Mendes and Saenz took the second. Third was pretty also as Mendes score a pair takedowns however Saenz was ideal up each time and Saenz managed the clinch game. I scored that 29-28 Saenz but either method was fine and also really girlfriend could"ve gone 10-10 in the 3rd for a draw. 

> Drakkar Klose (7-0-1) winner via decision over Devin Powell (8-2) ~ above scores that 30-27 x 3

Kind of a boring fight in between 2 debuting lightweights. Klose dominated the whole means with his clinch game as over half the struggle was combated on the cage. There was really no other score feasible as Klose didn"t do sufficient to obtain a 10-8 in any kind of round but clearly won every round.

Klose obtained an interview whereby he promised to gain a KO in his following fight. 

FOX sporting activities 1 key CARD | 10 pm ET/7 afternoon PT


Nice video clip package to open up up the main card pushing pen as the legend trying come prove he"s still got it versus the upstart challenger Rodriguez. 

> Sergio Pettis (15-2) won via unanimous decision over john Moraga (16-6) on scores the 29-28 x 2 and also 30-27

After a nice dominant an initial round by Pettis, the rest of the fight was an extremely close. Moraga gained a takedown in the 2nd and the standup to be pretty also so it to be either 1-1 after 2 or Pettis was up if you offered him a 10-8 first, which i did.

Third was fairly even although Pettis did come on pretty solid in the last minute and also got a takedown v 15 secs left the may have sealed the fight v the two 29-28 judge"s scorecards. 

Pettis said it to be weird because that him gift booed (Moraga is a Phoenix fighter). He referred to as out Jussier Formiga for the March fourth card headlned by Tyron Woodley-Stephen Thompson. That would be a rematch of a fight the Formiga won very first time out.

They aired a short video tribute come Adam "Snacks" Geller v footage that his antics in ~ UFC weigh-ins rehearsals where he imitated pro wrestling entrances. Really nice touch. 

They announced the the following season of The can be fried Fighter will be referred to as "Redemption" and will it is in coached by Bantamweight champion Cody Garbrandt and also former champ TJ Dillashaw. The show will feature past TUF winners and also at least 1 active UFC fighter.

The coaches will fight because that the title at yet to be identified date but the Friday before the huge PPV in July would certainly make feeling timing-wise. 

> Ben Saunders (21-7-2) beat Court McGee (18-6) by unanimous decision ~ above scores the 29-28 x 3

Very near welterweight fight. I actually had actually a 10-10 an initial round as many of the round to be on the feet through some short clinch work and also neither guy had any type of sustained offence. 2nd was nearly as close yet I had it slightly because that McGee.

Third round was pretty plainly for McGee too although Saunders had his moments together he was doing damages from his ago after McGee obtained a takedown. I actually had actually it 30-28 for McGee and also the group booed the decision nice fiercely. 

Saunders to be pretty worn down after the fight and also had a hard time speak in his post-fight interviews. The apologized for his performance and promised the pan a far better effort following time out.

McGee is now 2-3 in ~ 170 after a pretty successful run at middleweight consisting of a success over height 5 challenger Robert Whitaker. This shouldn"t be held versus him though as the decision to be not exactly questionable but the fight to be so close the he easily could"ve won. 

They announced the UFC 210 will be in Buffalo on Saturday April 8. No fights were announced yet this will be the promotion"s go back to the city ~ over 20 years. 

> Joe Lauzon (27-12) winner via break-up decision ~ above scores that 30-27, 28-29 and also 29-28 

All 3 rounds were more or less the same. Hosted would gain takedowns and also he"d keep Lauzon down for awhile without doing any kind of damage. In the first minute of the fight, Lauzon acquired his ideal offence of the fight together he was peppering organized with elbows during a takedown attempt and also got him come the mat. That was enough to take the first.

I had actually Held acquisition the 2nd round, which was relatively close and the 3rd was pretty much the same, although more definitively for hosted in my opinion. Held had 5 takedowns in the fight and even obtained mount right prior to the finish of the fight. Ns scored the 29-28 Held

After the fight, Lauzon claimed that the disagreed through the judges and thought that organized won the fight. Classy relocate by him and also Jon Anik and also Daniel Cormier told the so. Cormier outright questioned the judge"s decision. 

All yet one media member ~ above MMADecisions.com offered the fight to Held, with that human scoring it a draw. This really was one of the worst decisions ever, specifically the 30-27 because that Lauzon. 


> Yair Rodriguez (9-1) wins via TKO over BJ pen (16-11-2) in ~ 24 secs of the second round

Rodriguez overcame the an initial round, which was all stand up. I believed it to be a pretty clean 10-8 as penn was rocked number of times although he was never really near to gift finished.

Rodriguez dropped pen in the opening seconds of the 2nd with a punch/kick combo and also finished him off through ground and pound.

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Penn was complaining around the stoppage yet ref john McCarthy probably offered him an ext time 보다 a lot of world would together he ate about 25 unanswered strikes top top the ground. 

This was a star making power by Rodriguez, which it was designed to be. He cut a article fight promo in Spanish, which the crowd exploded for and also then analyzed himself. 

He put over BJ pen as a legend and thanked him for accepting a fight with him. The promo appeared way far better in Spanish also though ns couldn"t know a indigenous of it.

He wouldn"t call anyone out and said he"d struggle whomever they tell that to. Through 6 directly wins, he"s acquired the third longest energetic win streak in the department behind Max Holloway (9) and also Conor McGregor (7)