Bitdefender is among the best antivirus assets available. It has wonderful protection scores, a wide variety of features and a reasonable price tag come boot. Avast, while lacking in several of these areas, has such a generous totally free plan that might make you think twice about upgrading.

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In this to compare of Bitdefender and also Avast, we’ll assist you decide if an upgrade is precious it. While friend can get a lot of of cost-free protection mileage with Avast, the extra features and protection may push you towards a subscription v Bitdefender.

We’re going to carry out an outline of these commodities in five rounds. If girlfriend want much more details around either service, make certain to check out our Bitdefender Antivirus review or ours Avast pro review.


The VPN is more of a trial than anything else. You can use approximately 200MB per day prior to you should upgrade. It’s comparable to Kaspersky’s contained VPN (read ours Kaspersky Anti-Virus review) which is it is provided by Hotspot Shield (read our Hotspot Shield review).

This little amount of data deserve to bypass the risks of windy WiFi and, for non-techies, us think that a nice inclusion. However, you have the right to get much more data and much better security for free. Windscribe, because that example, has actually one the the many generous complimentary VPN plan we’ve watched (read our Windscribe review).

The core security suite is nice, too. Bitdefender consists of multi-layer ransomware protection, which includes a data defense layer and continuous monitoring of her sensitive documents. Make certain to read our guide, what is ransomware, if she unfamiliar with this nasty piece of malware.

Our favourite secure feature is Rescue Mode. Rescue setting saves your device from also the most sophisticated malware, such together rootkits. This type of malware profit deep user permissions, making it near difficult to remove. Rescue Mode allows you come boot into your device safely and remove it.

There are numerous other features, too, including social network protection, WiFi defense advisor and also webcam defense (our an initial recommendation in our guide on how to secure her webcam). Bitdefender has a robust feature set and, while the circulation is strange, there’s still a lot come like.


Avast has a longer, and an ext expensive, list of plans. Functions that Bitdefender supplies as a trial, though, such together the VPN, are had as full services in Avast’s top-tier plan. What impresses us most is Avast’s cost-free offering.

The cost-free version of Avast gives core protection against malware in real-time, in addition to a WiFi defense advisor and password manager. The features earned that a spot in our overview to the best free antivirus software. However, it’s absent advanced protection actions to store you for sure from things like phishing attempts.


Once you start paying, the functions get an ext robust. Internet Security contains an extra great of ransomware protection, phishing production, an advanced firewall, malicious website protection and, our favorite feature, Sandbox Mode.


Avast Sandbox allows you to run suspicious applications in a secure environment and see just how they behave. If you’re downloading a questionable torrent (read our finest VPN because that torrenting), because that example, you can open the file in Sandbox without danger of affecting your neighborhood machine.

At the the top of the heat is Avast ultimate which includes $130 in extras. You deserve to use Avast SecureLine VPN, Avast Cleanup Premium and Avast Passwords Premium. The VPN isn’t good on that own, but it’s decent together a complimentary inclusion. You deserve to read about it in our Avast SecureLine VPN review.

Passwords Premium doesn’t offer lot when contrasted to the finest password managers. It’s main attributes are one-touch login on cell phone devices and Password Guardian, a monitoring organization that will alert friend if an account has actually been breached. As an consist of in Ultimate, that fine, but not precious the $19.99 every year a la carte asking price.

Cleanup Premium, alone, is precious the upgrade. This feature will scan your machine for any kind of extraneous files and also remove them, including broken or redundant registry entries, old cache files and also more. That will likewise analyze lift applications and services so you have the right to speed up your machine.

Avast has actually a longer list of functions with a greater the price tag come match. The extra services contained in Ultimate set it apart from Bitdefender. However, ignoring this top-tier plan, the attributes are similar, just spread differently.

Round One Thoughts

There’s a lot to like around Avast, specifically on the top-end. Sandbox, Cleanup and SecureLine space all attractive features. However, basic additions such as Bitdefender Photon, which analyzes your hardware and software construction to optimize scans, space missing.

Even together inclusions, the VPN and password manager indigenous Avast space subpar at best, and it seems those attributes were moved to the forefront in sacrifice the simple, but powerful, features. Bitdefender has a far better range the protection features at a cheaper price, and also you can shop for cleanup services, a password manager and VPN a la carte.

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2. Pricing

With many complimentary and inexpensive antiviruses to run around, it’s tough to justify a high price tag. We’re going come look at the lineup of plans Avast and Bitdefender offer, and compare the attributes in context through the cost.

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Bitdefender has actually a simple, three setup lineup that include extra functions as the price increases. If the two inexpensive plans, Antivirus Plus and Internet Security, space Windows only, the height of the line full Security can safeguard up to 10 tools on Windows, macOS, iOS and also Android (winning that the winning spot in our ideal antivirus because that Android selection; Avast score fifth).