Welcome come znjke.com, a site where i will look for to re-publishing the joy and love of Jesus Christ v my personal reflections top top the an excellent News that the Gospel and our belief as Catholics.

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✠ Bishop Strickland

Dear girlfriend in Christ,

Welcome come znjke.com, a site where ns will look for to re-superstructure the joy and love of Jesus Christ with my an individual reflections top top the good News of the Gospel and also our belief as Catholics.

✠ Bishop Strickland


An essential prayer because that our time

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

The attached photo is called "Amazing Lights", it appears especially proper as us celebrate the 104th Anniversary that the illustration of our Lady at Fatima in 1917. Interesting way these impressive lights are especially active as us celebrate this essential date.

In 1910 only a couple of years prior to the Miracles in ~ Fatima, which likewise carried dire warnings for humanity, Pope St. Pius X authorize the "Oath against Modernism" printed here.

“I sincerely organize that the doc... Check out More

Eucharist and Confession go Hand in Hand

Wednesday, august 04, 2021

As us celebrate the an excellent Cure of Ars, Saint john Vianney that is worth noting the he uses us a wonderful design of priestly ministry. The is well-known for spending much of his time hearing confessions and he is additionally known because that his good devotion to the Real visibility of Jesus Christ in the Blessed Sacrament. That is very much a saint because that our time due to the fact that we room in require of a clear and also joyful focus on both of this sacraments.

We have all heard much controversy around the Eucharist and wh... Read More

Welcome to the Diocese the Tyler

Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Dear Newcomers come the Diocese of Tyler,

I want to welcome you wholeheartedly to east Texas and also the Diocese the Tyler. Let us pray that your move to the piney woods is filled through blessings and new opportunities.

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I’m sure that together you get cleared up it will be really evident that you haven’t discovered heaven ~ above earth, but I’m also confident that you are coming to appreciate the neighborhood here. Together a cradle Catholic who grew up in eastern Texas, I know that we Catholics can feel the truth that w... Read More

My comment at the June Bishop"s Meeting

Thursday, June 17, 2021

As we approach Father’s Day and continue to emerge from the pandemic I want to emphasize that our flocks space bruised and also traumatized on plenty of fronts. The current controversy about whether persisting in denial of simple Catholic to teach disqualifies a human from receiving Our mr in Communion has actually devastated countless faithful Catholics. I realize that conversation of this has been postponed however as spiritual fathers and also shepherds ns urge united state to do all we have the right to in every of ours dioceses come emphasize th... Read More

My letter come the i m crying of Tyler concerning the holy Communion Controversy

Friday, June 11, 2021

Dear i m crying of Tyler,

As we move through this post-Pentecost job of plain Time, permit us continue to look for the peace and guidance the the holy Spirit.

As your bishop, I desire to attend to the debate that the Church is facing at this time regarding our national leaders who profess the Catholic faith. My main purpose, as always, is to teach the Catholic faith plainly and provide us every the knowledge we require to attend to the countless controversies that arise. Therefore, rather than address... Read More